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TY703 submerged filling machine



TY703 submerged filling machine

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The TY703 series submerged filling machine is a new type of submerged filling machine independently developed by our company based on the technological characteristics and pain points of product filling in the industry. It is mainly used to infuse the liquid of automobile rubber bushing and rubber suspension.
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The TY703 series submerged filling machine is a new type of submerged filling machine independently developed by our company based on the technological characteristics and pain points of product filling in the industry. It is mainly used to infuse the liquid of automobile rubber bushing and rubber suspension.


Equipment function

User management: Each department can assign different account passwords, and can choose to set different operation permissions. There are 11 built-in administrator accounts in the system. System administrator users can add or delete operating users and assign operating permissions according to actual needs to limit the scope of use of operating users;

Interference detection: You can set the upper and lower limits of the interference force in different intervals. The actual pressure is not in the set upper and lower limit pressure range, and the equipment alarms to indicate the reason for the failure;

Position detection: compare each final press-fitting position, the final position is not within the set upper and lower limits, the equipment will give an alarm and prompt the reason for the defect;

Peak value detection: record the peak pressure of each pressing process, alarm and text prompt if it exceeds the set range;

Data query: You can query the historical press-fitting data of the equipment (interference detection data, peak pressure data, in-position detection data, force/displacement curve data);

Data download: historical data can be backed up to U disk or network server, and EXCEL form can be generated for viewing;

Data connection: When connected to the network, the IP address will be displayed on the interface, and the operating data of the device can be backed up on the connected server, and the remote printing function can be performed when the data needs to be analyzed;

Curve sampling: Up to 200 sets of force/displacement data can be sampled during the press-fitting process, drawn into a curve graph, and stored;

Recipe storage: It has 9999999 sets of press-fitting parameters that can be stored, and the corresponding formula can be created according to the product drawing number or mold number. When the user uses this set of formulas again, he only needs to call up and use the corresponding formulas to start production without repeating settings;

Product QR code scanning: The barcode scanner can be used to scan external information, which can help users quickly store and call formula parameters and make product quality traceable;

Real-time display: display the current pressing position in real time with a display accuracy of 0.01MM, and display the current pressure in real time with a unit of 0.01KN;

Data statistics: count the number of press fits, the number of good products and the number of defective products, and the working hours of each work segment of each account;

Tooling QR code recognition: Identify the height of the tooling and judge whether the tooling is used correctly (compare the tooling QR code on the process card with the QR code on the tooling);

Grating protection function: during the pressing process of the equipment, when the infrared protection grating detects that there is a foreign body in the pressing range, the equipment will automatically stop running immediately and give an alarm;

Backup error prevention function: 4 groups of product error prevention functions are available (used to detect whether the workpiece is placed upright, whether the workpiece is placed, etc. whether the conditions before pressing are met);

Backup cylinder, ejector cylinder, air blowing and other functions: the subsequent tooling has cylinder clamping action or the product ejection device can be directly opened and called;

Equipment alarm function: it can make corresponding text prompts for all alarms issued by the equipment;

Liquid sealing process: including two processes of sub-liquid exhaust and sub-liquid riveting;

Submerged exhaust: remove small bubbles (because small bubbles are attached to the surface of the workpiece after each component is put into the liquid, the bubbles need to be removed before submerged riveting, and the surface of the workpiece is flushed through the liquid flow under the liquid surface to achieve The purpose of removing bubbles.)

Submerged riveting: Place the workpiece in the assembly station to complete the assembly and riveting, and the workpiece cannot be exposed to the liquid surface during the handling process.

The operating steps are as follows: the three components are put out-the main cylinder drives the tooling to fall quickly-slow down-pressure-fast return-pick up

Oil storage tank: It is equipped with heating device and heat preservation device, which can keep the temperature of the oil tank constant, and the temperature can be adjusted at room temperature -60℃;

The liquid storage tank is equipped with high and low liquid level sensors. When the liquid is insufficient, the oil is automatically pumped to make up the liquid. The material of the liquid storage tank is stainless steel 2mm, and the filter device is installed, and large circulation can be carried out;


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Technical parameters




Pressure range



Liquid pressure

1. 6-16. 5Mpa


Cylinder stroke



Descent speed



Rise speed



Pressing speed



Motor power

3. 7KW


Machine weight



Position accuracy

±0. 02

Force sensor accuracy


Power supply

AC380V 50HZ


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