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Production Strength
Production Strength

The company's current products mainly cover: rubber shock absorption special equipment, auto parts assembly equipment, motor assembly equipment, non-standard testing equipment and general hydraulic equipment, etc. the products are widely used in many industries such as auto parts, motor, medical machinery, electrical appliances, plastics, machinery and so on.

The company has rich professional R & D background and practical experience in the field of mechanical equipment. Since its establishment, in the face of the constantly developing market environment, Tianyu Machinery has always adhered to the spirit of excellence and surpassing, advancing with the times, adhering to technological innovation, actively researching and developing independent intellectual property rights, continuously improving process and optimizing product structure, Meanwhile, we have made full use of various advantages and resources, introduced international advanced management concepts and management systems, learned international cutting-edge technology, formed the core competence of our own reputation and gained a good reputation in the industry.

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