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Servo presses have these advantages

servo pressIt is a new type of press, which uses servo technology to drive the metal stamping process. As shown in the figure, a punching machine that usually uses a servo motor as the power source and is driven by a servo control circuit system is called a servo press.servo pressequipment and servo-controlled stamping processes. Generally, the number of rotations of a motor used mechanically is determined by the number of poles and the number of power cycles. When changing speed, it must be realized by another electrical or mechanical transmission device. If such a variable speed device driven by an ordinary electric motor is allowed to change the speed of a general-purpose press, it takes tens of seconds for even a small press to go from a standstill to full speed, and several minutes for a large press.

Due to the simplified mechanical transmission structure, servo press has high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility, can arbitrarily set and change the speed in the processing process, can realize the closed-loop control of position and speed, obtain any slider motion characteristics, and can also achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. Whether in metal stamping or forging forming, servo press has great advantages compared with traditional press:

The drawing accuracy of the formed product is greatly improved.

Reduces wrinkling and damage to the finished product.

Reduce mold damage, reduce mold maintenance and repair times, thereby improving mold life.

It can be forged with plates that cannot be manufactured by traditional presses, and it can be forged with a servo press.

The vibration and noise in the processing are greatly reduced, which improves the harsh working environment of the stamping factory in the past, and improves the harsh working environment of the stamping factory in the past.

Reduce power consumption, save energy consumption and improve economic efficiency.

There is no traditional press clutch brake wear problem, saving the manpower, material and financial resources spent on overhaul in this area.

In order to obtain the deep drawing parts, it is necessary to make very detailed and accurate adjustments to the pressure and top pin of the mold reverse top device. Servo presses can make these adjustments very simple and convenient.

The traditional press needs to be fine-tuned every time the mold is changed, and the cost is high. A servo-controlled press can produce qualified products immediately after changing the mold.

After the mold or mold is replaced, the "inching operation mode" used in mold adjustment requires higher operation skills, while the servo press can operate 0.01mm every time during mold adjustment, thus making the mold adjustment operation simple and convenient.

The crankshaft of the traditional press cannot change the running direction frequently, andservo pressThe positive and negative reversal changes of the fretting can be simply achieved, in addition to other effects.