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What is the servo press machine? Quickly grasp the key points of the servo press machine knowledge

It is a machine that uses pure electricity as the working medium and is made according to the principle of servo motor driving screw linear motion to transfer energy to realize various processes. The servo press machine is mainly composed of three parts, which are the host system, the power and the servo control system. The servo press machine is more suitable for the production of fine parts. For example, auto parts for automobiles in the press-fit assembly process, or aviation components, electronic plug-ins, circuit boards, bearing gears, etc. The press servo press machine has a separate power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts a centralized control system, which can realize various operation modes such as adjustment, manual and automatic.

Servo press machine is completely different from the traditional press machine, it belongs to a new concept, not only from the concept, but also from the technical same, it is the combination of traditional mechanical technology and high-tech, to achieve the digital control of stamping equipment. The structure of the servo press machine is of table type C, bow type, single column type, two column type and four column type. Adopting table-type structure, simple and reliable, strong bearing capacity, small bearing deformation, is a stable and widely used bearing structure. The main system of the equipment is composed of servo motor, position sensor, motor controller, deceleration drive, brake, touch screen, working mechanism, auxiliary mechanism, programmable controller and other components.

Simply put, the servo press machine consists of a hydraulic system and a main machine. The main machine adopts an imported servo electric cylinder and a screw matching control part. The imported servo motor drives the main machine to generate pressure. The difference between the servo press machine and the ordinary press machine is that it does not use air pressure. Its working principle is to use a servo motor to drive a high-precision ball screw for pressure assembly. In the pressure assembly operation, closed-loop control of the whole process of pressure and pressure and pressure depth can be realized.

The servo press adopts single or multiple servo motors, and directly drives the main drive structure of the slider through double drive mechanism and symmetrical force increasing mechanism. The control system adopts computer control, and uses digital and feedback control technology to control the unknown, speed and running track of the press slider, so that the mechanical press has the characteristics of flexibility and intelligence, there has been a great improvement and progress in the overall machine performance and process adaptability, which is indeed a major breakthrough for molding equipment.

Servo press is also known as CNC servo electronic press. Servo press machine, servo press machine, servo press machine, electronic press machine, electronic press machine, their working principle is to drive high-precision ball screw by servo motor to carry out pressure assembly operation, which can realize the whole process closed-loop control of pressure assembly force and pressure depth in the pressure assembly, thus realizing the pressure assembly of online quality management.