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Characteristics and application of single-arm single-column hydraulic press

Single-arm single-column hydraulic press has different functions for different products. For shaft parts, profiles, etc., cantilever hydraulic press is mainly used to complete the pressing of parts; for metal materials, it is mainly responsible for the stretching of materials, Blanking, bending, flanging, correction, press-in, hot and cold extrusion and other technologies; although there are also powder products and plastic products, the cantilever hydraulic press is indispensable for their stamping and forming, let's understand the characteristics and application of the single-arm single-column hydraulic press together!

single armsingle column hydraulic pressApplication:

1. The single-arm single-column hydraulic press is mainly used for the correction and pressing of boss parts, and can also be used for other processing purposes.

2. The single-arm single-column hydraulic press is configured upright, the equipment parts are all in the main body, and the appearance is beautiful.

3. The single-arm single-column hydraulic press can be used for steering wheel and pedal operation. A single-arm hydraulic press that can adjust the component pressure within a specified range. Can control the size of the stroke, the operation is relatively simple.

single armsingle column hydraulic pressThe three major characteristics:

1. The single-arm single-column hydraulic press is integrally welded with a solid open structure, which can not only maintain sufficient rigidity of the fuselage, but also have a convenient operating space.

2. The single-arm single-column hydraulic press has the characteristics of good structural rigidity, good guiding performance and fast speed.

3. The convenient manual adjustment mechanism of single-arm single-column hydraulic press can adjust the stamping head or the upper worktable at any position in the stroke, and can also adjust the length of fast forward and process at will within the design stroke.

single armsingle column hydraulic pressSpeed control technology is one of the key technologies of single-arm hydraulic press, its control accuracy affects product quality, technology of single-column hydraulic press, analysis and material synthesis of domestic and foreign related literature on speed control, revealing his new development status, development trends and application prospects of the problem, is the current single-arm single-column hydraulic press speed control of the basic

Adjust the throttle speed volume, frequency and speed control volume speed control throttle appears speed control amount of single-arm hydraulic press variable frequency throttle speed is widely used, in order to solve the instability of some working forging press, the design scheme is improved, the beam of forging machine

single armsingle column hydraulic pressIt is very versatile. A pressure sensor is added to the hydraulic machine tool, and after microcomputer data acquisition and system processing, it is converted into a press-in value for digital display. When the limit is exceeded, an audible and visual alarm and a stop signal are issued. The purpose of automatic control of the press-in load display controller is clear, accurate control, rapid response and stable operation. Different sensors and application software are replaced for the application of different forging equipment and counters.

The above introduction is the characteristics and application of single-arm single-column hydraulic press. If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!