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Introduction of servo hot press

In order to knowServo hot pressWhich industries are usually used,. We need to know clearly what functions and uses the servo hot press has.

Servo hot pressWorking principle, servo hot press components, servo hot press function, servo hot press parameters

UseServo hot pressNotes

Servo hot pressThe working principle;

The servo hot press is a precision press controlled by a servo motor,. It has the advantages of accuracy, speed, adaptability, stability, timeliness and comfort.. Servo motors are used for closed loop control of speed, position and torque,. To eliminate overforce, overspeed and overshoot.. Ordinary hydraulic press adopts three-phase asynchronous motor,. Inability to precisely control force, position and speed

Servo hot pressComponents:

A servo press usually includes a servo motor,PLC, Man-machine touch screen, temperature control module, ball screw, pressure sensor, displacement sensor, bearing, mechanical parts, guide post, sheet metal, safety device, lighting device, floor fixed foot cup, etc.

The servo hot press has the following functions:

1.The temperature of the upper and lower dies of the servo hot press molding machine can be controlled separately,. The real-time display and adjustment of the touch screen parameters can meet the product process requirements.. The temperature control part has high precision,. Not easily damaged.

2.The operation of the machine is more user-friendly and friendly. The pressure, position, speed, temperature and time can be set and adjusted at will on the computer screen.. The data of the whole pressing system is collected and used,. It can be called and printed at any time when necessary.. Can be saved100,000Set of production reports.

3.Adopt servo system control,. It can meet the requirements of different processes for speed and pressure changes,. Movement more stable

4.Adopt modular closed-loop servo control system,. Realize real-time acquisition and analysis of force and displacement time data,. Can monitor force and displacement and force and time; with pressure control, displacement control and speed control, suitable for all occasions with strict requirements on the press-fitting process

Precautions for using servo hot press:

1.Since the servo hot press has a heating temperature,. High temperature resistant gloves shall be worn when taking and feeding materials.

2.It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine tool without any safety device.

3.Operators who start the machine should be highly concentrated,. Don't make phone calls, play with mobile phones, whisper or walk around at will.

4Regularly check the lubrication of the machine tool,. Frequently inject screw lubricating oil.