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What is the working principle of a single column hydraulic press?

  single column hydraulic press, The fuselage adopts C- shaped single-arm structure, adopts submerged arc welding and post-welding vibration treatment to ensure the deformation of the fuselage. The hydraulic system is located in the fuselage, with beautiful appearance and easy operation. It is mainly used in the stretching, forming, pressing and other processes of metal products. It can also process non-metallic materials, the pressing of powder metallurgy products, the correction of shaft parts, the extrusion of set parts, the forming and cutting of metal products and other processes.

  single column hydraulic pressWhat is the working principle of? Let's analyze it together.

Hydraulic press is the use of liquid pressure transfer equipment. Liquids follow Pascal's law when transmitting pressure to a sealed container.

The hydraulic transmission system of hydraulic press is composed of power mechanism, control mechanism, execution mechanism, auxiliary mechanism and working medium.

The power mechanism usually uses a pump as the power mechanism, which is generally a positive displacement pump. Select one or more oil pumps to meet the movement speed requirements of the actuator. Low pressure (hydraulic pressure below 2.5MP) gear pump; medium pressure (hydraulic pressure less than 6.3MP) with vane pump; high pressure (hydraulic pressure less than 32.0MP) piston pump.

Hydraulic machines generally refer to hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. Both the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are energy conversion devices of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy of the driving motor into the pressure energy of the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic motor is the actuator of the hydraulic system that converts the pressure of the fluid into mechanical energy.

Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors commonly used in hydraulic systems are of volumetric type, and their working principle is to use the change of seal volume to absorb oil and pressure oil. From the working principle, most hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are reverse stations.

In other words, after inputting the pressure oil, the hydraulic pump will become a hydraulic motor, outputting speed and torque, but the structure of the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are slightly different.

The single-column hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system. It is centrally controlled by buttons. The working pressure, compression speed, no-load rapid drop and deceleration stroke and range of the machine can be adjusted according to process requirements to complete the ejection process. The ejection process and the stretching process are three process methods, each of which is a fixed pressure, and the correction 2. Single-column hydraulic press has a wide range of versatility, suitable for extrusion, bending, folding, stretching and other plastic materials processing and molding, hydraulic press can also be used for a variety of plastic, powder products pressing molding. The outer edge hydraulic press can also be used for product calibration, extrusion, molding, etc.