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What is the characteristic of single column hydraulic press?

What is the characteristic of single column hydraulic press?

1. The single-column hydraulic press has the characteristics of good structural rigidity, good guiding performance and high speed.

2. The convenient manual adjustment mechanism can adjust the indenter or workbench, apply pressure anywhere in the stroke, and arbitrarily adjust the length of the fast forward and working process within the designed stroke.

3.l The strong and open structure of the all-welded seam keeps the fuselage strong enough while providing convenient operating space.

How to operate the single column hydraulic press safely?

1. Hydraulic press operators must be trained to master equipment performance and operation skills before they can work independently.

2. Before work, all kinds of sundries on the mold should be removed and the dirt on the hydraulic press rod should be wiped clean.

3. The hydraulic press installation mold must be carried out when the power is off, and the collision start button, handle, and foot-operated switch cannot be stepped on.

4. Set the upper and lower mold pairs, adjust the mold gap, and do not allow unilateral deviation from the center. Press the mold after confirming the fixation.

5. Before the hydraulic press works, start the equipment and idle for 5 minutes. At the same time, check whether the oil level in the oil tank is sufficient, whether the sound of the oil pump is normal, and whether the hydraulic device, pipes, joints, and pistons are leaking. Shenzhen Hydraulic Press TM Series Lead

6. Start the equipment pressure test to confirm whether the pressure reaches the working pressure, whether the equipment action is normal and reliable, and whether there is leakage.

7, adjust the working pressure, but not more than 90% of the rated pressure of the equipment, to test the workpiece, through the inspection after production.

8. For different hydraulic press steels and workpieces, the working pressure and pressure, compression times and time of the press should be adjusted at any time to avoid damage to the mold and workpieces.

9. When the gas pressure plate slides up and down, it is strictly forbidden to put the handle and head into the pressure plate and the working part of the mold.

10. It is strictly forbidden to beat, stretch, weld, bend, twist, etc. while applying pressure.

11. Smoking, welding and ignition shall not be allowed around the hydraulic press, and flammable and explosive articles shall not be stored. Make good fire prevention countermeasures.

12. After the hydraulic press work is completed, cut off the power supply, wipe the hydraulic rod of the extruder clean, add lubricating oil, clean the mold and workpiece, and put them in order

Single main hydraulic machine scope of application: this series of single column compensation hydraulic machine is a multi-functional small and medium-sized hydraulic machine, suitable for shaft parts, steel compensation and sleeve parts pressure. It can also complete the bending, embossing, lasso, stretching of simple parts and other process actions of plate parts, and can also be used to suppress powder and plastic products that are not too strict. This product is suitable for machinery, internal combustion engines, textile machines, axial flow, bearings, washing machines, automobile motors, air-conditioning motors, electric power, military enterprises, three-self enterprise assembly lines, etc.