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Application and common use of servo press machine

Servo press machineis a precision press,.Includes extended software systems, servo systems, electrical systems, control systems, mechanical components and actuators..

Servo press raw materials, servo press application advantages, servo press pressing methods, servo press parameters.

Servo press machine;Application occasion and purpose.

Servo press machineRaw Materials:

Servo press machineIt is composed of many parts, including servo motor, servo drive, screw,PLC, touch screen, synchronous wheel, synchronous belt, guide rod, bearing, power switch and thermal protection,.These are very important parts. The system decides whether the function is strong or not..Adopt imported accessories,.Ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Servo press machineThe advantages:

1.The servo press is a high-precision ball screw driven by a servo motor for pressure assembly,.The pressure is directly converted from the torque output of the servo motor,.Therefore, the pressure accuracy is very high.

2.Precision servo press machine adopts servo motor,.No rotation in standby state, speed and power changes during press-fitting,.Energy saving and environmental protection,.Low noise..

3.precision numerical controlServo press machine,.The multi-stage stroke speed, displacement stop, in place stop and pressure stop can be arbitrarily set within a certain range.

4.High security,.Low noise.

5.Low power consumption,. No.Pollution.

6.Easy to control.

7.Online quality management.

8.The mold manufacturing cost is low..

Press fit mode of servo press:

(1)Servo press machinespeed,.Set the exact position to stop.

② Set pressure stop.

③ SettingGood.The displacement stops..

④ Input and output trigger stop.

⑤ Pressure/Displacement two-stage mode setting stops.

The pressure/Position two-stage mode setting stop.

⑦ Stop setting different pressure modes..