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What is the scope of application of electronic servo press?

electronic servo pressAlso known as servo press, is the use of servo motor driven ball screw press electronic servo punch.electronic servo pressUsually refers to a press driven by a servo motor. Including forging equipment, metal, refractory manufacturing equipment, stamping equipment. Due to the characteristics of CNC servo motors, they are sometimes called CNC presses.

electronic servo pressThrough the servo motor drive eccentric gear, realize the slider movement process. Through complex electrical control, the press servo mechanism can be programmed with any stroke, speed and slider pressure to reach the nominal load of the press at low speed.

Electronic servo press programming:

1) The pressure head is pressed from top to bottom;

2) Tension mode: the indenter pulls from bottom to top

Press-fitting method:

1) Constant pressing speed, set accurate position and stop;

2) Constant press speed, set pressure stop;

3) Constant pressing speed, set the displacement stop;

4) Constant press-fit speed, I/O trigger stop;

5) Pressure/displacement, two-stage press fit mode;

6) Pressure/pressure, two-stage press fit mode;

7) Pressure/position, two-stage press fit mode.

Environmental protection, energy saving and safety: the electronic pressure driven by AC servo motor provides a clean working environment. Compared with pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, electronic newspapers can save energy by 80%. To ensure safety, the electronic press is provided with the fault of the electronic servo press: the communication between the protection circuit, the safety barrier and the I/O interface can be selected.

The built-in pressure sensor is connected to the computer through the RS232 communication interface, and the data and results of the pressure process can be stored in the computer. system (relevant software must be installed). Ensure product data tracking, effective control of production quality.

Meet a variety of practical needs: customizable, storage, call multiple sets of pressure installation software.

Touch screen control: clear man-machine interface, large-screen LCD touch screen, providing friendly man-machine dialogue.

Self-diagnosis: When the electronic equipment fails, the pressure will display the error message and prompt the solution, which is easy to find the problem and solve it quickly.

Multi-role I/O communication interface: This interface allows communication with external devices for fully automated integration with other devices.

Application areas of electronic servo press:

1. Stamping assembly of automobile engine parts, transmission shaft parts, steering gear parts, gearbox parts, water pumps and other parts.

2. Press-fitting of electronic products.

3. Press-fitting of the core components of image technology.

4. Application of motor bearing press fitting.

5. Pressure detection, such as spring performance test

6. Application of automatic assembly line.

7. Scientific research and application of special equipment.

8. Other occasions requiring pressure assembly.