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On the development of small single column hydraulic press

  Small single column hydraulic pressThe hydraulic system changes power from one way to another. The process ends with the sealing liquid as a preface. The science of transmitting force or motion through closed liquid disposal is called "hydraulics", a word derived from the distant ancient Greek "Hydros", meaning water. The science of hydraulics is a young science. This is history only a few hundred years ago. It began with the hydraulic lever drive principle discovered by a genie named Bryce. For a long time, this principle of small single-column hydraulic press was later called Pascal's law. Pascal made such a discovery, but a man named Joseph Bram practically used hydraulic pressure on a hydraulic press built in 1795. InSmall single column hydraulic pressThe liquid used as a prefix on is water.

Shortly after World War I (1914-1918), hydraulic drives were widely used, especially after 1920, they developed to be more agile. Hydraulic components in the late 19th century and early 20th century about 20 years later began to enter the right track of industrial production time. In 1925, Vickers (F.Vikers) published a clear pressure balance vane pump, which is the history of modern hydraulic parts industry or hydraulic transmission gradually established laid a solid foundation. At the beginning of the 20th century, Constantinysk (G.Constantimsco) studied the theory and practice of energy sloshing transmission. In 1910, due to the commitment to hydraulic transmission (hydraulic joint shaft, hydraulic torque converter, etc.), these two aspects were launched. Category.

During World War II (1941-1945), 30% of machine tools in the United States used hydraulic transmission. It should be pointed out that Japan's hydraulic transmission ratio in Europe and the United States and other countries more than 20 years late. Around 1955, hydraulic transmission was launched in the later island nation of Japan, and the "Hydraulic Industry Association" was established in Beijing in 1956 ".

In the past two or three decades, Japan's hydraulic transmission has developed rapidly, ranking first in the world. Hydraulic transmission has many outstanding advantages, so it is widely used, such as general industrial plastic processing machinery, pressure machinery, machinery, etc. The construction machinery in the machine is divided into various, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, automobiles, etc. The iron and steel industry uses metallurgical machinery, promotion equipment, roll adjustment equipment and other civil management engineering flood gates and dam equipment, waterway lifting equipment, bridge control organization and other power station turbine speed control equipment, nuclear power station and other marine deck cranes (winches), bow doors, ship wall valves, stern thrusters and other special functions with giant antenna control equipment, measuring buoys, elevator rotation in order to facilitate the operation of small hydraulic machines, change the gas to C- type gas, also known as arch gas, also known as single-arm, single-cycle hydraulic press, etc.