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Application, structure and characteristics of small single column hydraulic press

  Small single column hydraulic pressThere are many hydraulic components that require sufficient hydraulic oil. Some people mistakenly think that if the time is too long and the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, it is enough to light up the hydraulic mailbox and fill it with new hydraulic oil, but there are still a lot of old hydraulic oil on the hydraulic oil pipes and hydraulic control valves. When using this device, the mixing of old and new oil will accelerate the deterioration of new oil. Then, let's learn about the use, structure and characteristics of the small single-column hydraulic press! The correct oil change process of the small single-column hydraulic press is: first release the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic mailbox, clean the oil tank, add new hydraulic oil, then remove the main circuit pipe, start the engine, start the throttle, and use the old oil of the hydraulic oil circuit The new return main pipe is connected with the fuel tank, and the new hydraulic oil is supplied to the specified position of the fuel tank.

  Small single column hydraulic pressThe use

  Small single column hydraulic pressIt is mainly used in the calibration process of shaft parts, profiles, etc., the pressing of shaft and cover parts and the stretching, bending, stamping, forming, blanking and other processes of simple plate parts can also be used for the stamping of powder and plastic products.

  Small single column hydraulic pressThe structure and features:

1. The computer is used to optimize the structural design. It is a C- type cantilever body structure with good rigidity, simple structure and convenient operation.

2. The whole machine adopts steel plate welding, independent electrical control system, reliable work, intuitive action and convenient maintenance.

3. The hydraulic control adopts two-way cartridge valve integrated valve, which is reliable, long life, small hydraulic impact, few connection management and leakage points.

4. The hydraulic system adopts button centralized control, and switches three operation modes: inching, automatic and foot pedal.

The scope of application of small single column hydraulic machine:

It is suitable for stretching, bending, embossing, punching, flanging, correcting, pressing, hot and cold stamping and other technologies of low frequency metal parts, as well as the forming of powder products, abrasive products and the stamping of plastic products and insulating materials.

Has a wider range of versatility, suitable for plastic materials and powder products stamping; Shaft and other similar parts of the correction; Electrical components of the press; Small plate parts of the stretching, forming materials, pits, stamping and other technical purposes. The single-column hydraulic press is operated by hand or foot, the pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily within the specified range, the operation is simple, flexible, safe and reliable.

In fact, the same as the ordinary small single-column hydraulic press, in order to facilitate the extrusion work, there is this extrusion device. For the same simple and convenient operation, there are manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and other operating methods. The working table is large and the sliding stroke is long, which can meet the processing requirements of various processes. The horizontal single-column hydraulic press has high flexibility and can freely adjust the stamping speed, working pressure and stroke range. The horizontal single-column hydraulic press is especially suitable for the stamping of metal powder and non-metal powder.

The above is the use of small single column hydraulic machine and structure and characteristics, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!