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How to choose a high-quality small single-column hydraulic press

The average non-professional can't see it on the surface.Small single column hydraulic pressQuality of equipment. People may have questions about why the prices of single-column hydraulic presses are different under the same technical parameters. Then, let's learn how to choose a high-quality small single-column hydraulic press! 1. Small single-column hydraulic machine procurement site visits the factory, mainly to see the strength, output, quality, equipment, etc. In the case of the factory, does the manufacturer work carefully when producing the machine? Does the installer have the corresponding technology? Does the debugger repeatedly debug the equipment for overload experiments? Because only through repeated load debugging can the failure of the machine be detected. You can also judge the quality management system certificate, patent certificate, honor certificate and other related certificates from the certificate obtained by the manufacturer.

2. SelectSmall single column hydraulic pressthe type. Generally speaking, experienced manufacturers will ask what kind of products are made, what size, and what materials are used. In this way, it is easy for manufacturers to choose cost-effective models and save a lot of trouble. According to different models, it is mainly divided into four-column type, single-column type (C type), horizontal and vertical frame, hydraulic press, etc. Can be divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, blanking, powder (metal, non-metal) forming, pressing, extrusion and so on.

  3 .Small single column hydraulic pressIn the overall configuration of the equipment, the single row hydraulic press is generally divided into three parts. Hydraulic cylinder, host and hydraulic system.

Of course, a good hydraulic press is indispensable in the configuration. The main accessories of the hydraulic press are valve body, cylinder, motor, solenoid valve, electrical part, other tubing, filter, etc. In the long run, the main configuration part of the choice of imported configuration is more appropriate, mainly stable and durable. Especially when the hydraulic press needs to work continuously for a long time, the configuration performance will appear. Need to reasonably distribute the host as a whole, there are many problems, seriously affecting the life of the machine. The weight of the small single-column hydraulic press and the weight of the press to a certain extent reflect the light life of the press. The general steel plate welding is cheap, the life is short, and the failure rate is high. Heavy-duty integral casting, better overall performance, long life, better rigidity, but higher.

4. OffSmall single column hydraulic pressIf the price of a product is lower than the industry average price, buyers need to pay attention. Without large-scale production, low prices do not mean low profits, but low costs, which directly affect the life and use of the machine, implying that companies do not invest in after-sales service and research and development. Some hydraulic press buyers are not familiar with the technology, easy to want cheap and good products, can only buy again.

5. The after-sales service of the manufacturer Because the small single-column hydraulic press is a load machine, minor problems often occur. Manufacturers without strength do not do after-sales service, which will delay the production of customers, affect production efficiency, and seriously affect the development of the enterprise.

The above is how to choose a high-quality small single-column hydraulic press, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!