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What is the use of small single column hydraulic machine?

  Small single column hydraulic pressWhat is the purpose?

     Small single column hydraulic pressWidely used in auto parts, household appliances, hardware, rubber, powder metallurgy and other industries, shaft parts, section steel correction process, shaft, sleeve parts extrusion and simple plate parts stretching, bending, engraving, molding, blanking and other processes, but also for ordinary powder, plastic products pressing assembly.

  Small single column hydraulic pressWhat are the structural features?

Apply modern optimization design concepts and analysis software for force analysis and optimization design. Gas using QT450 ductile iron, after a variety of necessary heat treatment, to ensure the performance of castings. The hydraulic control adopts a two-way cartridge valve integrated system, which has stable action, long life, small hydraulic impact, and reduced connection management and leakage points.

The hydraulic system uses button centralized control, which can be switched in three ways: moving point, automatic and foot manipulation.

The hydraulic press (a kind of hydraulic press) uses a special hydraulic oil as a working medium and a hydraulic pump as a power source. The force of the pump makes the hydraulic oil enter the hydraulic oil/piston through the hydraulic pipe, and then the hydraulic press/piston has multiple sets of mutual cooperation. The seal of each position is different, but all play a sealing role to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing out. Finally, the hydraulic oil is circulated in the oil tank through the one-way valve, and the oil cylinder/piston is circulated to produce a certain mechanical action machine.

  Small single column hydraulic pressWhat are the characteristics of the direct drive hydraulic press?

1. The moving speed of the movable beam of the hydraulic press depends on the infusion volume of the pump and has nothing to do with the forging deformation resistance in the process. If the water supply of the pump is constant, the working speed of the hydraulic machine will be the value.

2. The infusion pressure and power consumption of the pump are related to the deformation resistance of the processed workpiece. The operation deformation resistance is large, and the infusion pressure and power consumption of the pump are also large, and vice versa.

3, the use of active beam travel speed constant and pumping pressure changes in the characteristics of the use of operating the distributor signal to achieve automatic control of the hydraulic press.

Basic investment, small footprint, simple daily maintenance and management. The hydraulic pump in the pump direct drive system is selected according to the maximum working speed and working pressure of the hydraulic press. When the hydraulic press has a small charging stroke, return flow, auxiliary process and required working pressure, the hydraulic pump is not fully utilized. Especially large tonnage hydraulic press, the utilization coefficient is low. Therefore, hydraulic machines tend to transfer the working speed and working pressure in stages.

What is the structure of the small single column hydraulic machine?

Hydraulic machine by the host and control mechanism of two parts. The main part of the hydraulic machine includes the fuselage, the master cylinder, the ejection cylinder, the charger, etc. The power mechanism is composed of fuel tank, high pressure pump, low pressure control system, motor, various pressure valves and directional valves. Under the control of the electrical device, the power mechanism performs energy conversion, adjustment and transmission through pumps, cylinders and various hydraulic valves to complete the cycle of various process actions.