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What is the working principle of a small single-column hydraulic press?

   Small single column hydraulic pressWhat is the working principle?

       Small single column hydraulic pressThe hydraulic transmission is a transmission mode that uses liquid pressure to transmit and control power. The hydraulic device consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders (actuators such as hydraulic motors), hydraulic control valves, and hydraulic auxiliary components.

Hydraulic pump: A conversion device that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

Hydraulic cylinders (actuators such as hydraulic motors): convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

Control valve: Control the flow, flow, pressure of the hydraulic oil, the working sequence of the hydraulic actuator, etc., to protect the role of the hydraulic circuit. The popular point is to control and regulate the flow of hydraulic medium, pressure and flow. So as to control the direction of movement of the actuator, the output force or torque. Movement speed. Action sequence, as well as limiting and regulating the working pressure of the hydraulic system to prevent overload (such as one-way valve, reversing valve, overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, throttle valve, speed control valve, etc.).

Auxiliary parts: 1. Oil tank: oil storage and cooling. Separation of air and impurities in oil 2. Oil pipe and oil pipe joint 3. Oil filter 4. Pressure gauge 5. Sealing element

  Small single column hydraulic pressWhat are the operating rules?

1. Workers need to be familiar with the general performance and structure of hydraulic presses, and the use of overload is prohibited.

2. Before use, check whether the high-pressure pump, pressure gauge, various valves, sealing rings, etc. are normal according to the specified lubricating oil.

3. Before energizing, confirm whether the mold is matched, whether the material weight meets the requirements, and whether the material tools are accurate.

4. When pressing, the touch needs to be placed in the center of the pad, and eccentric use is prohibited. Test the pressure before starting each shift, and then check whether the mold has cracks.

5. When multiple people operate, special personnel shall be assigned to turn on the machine and cooperate with each other.

6. It is strictly forbidden to put hands and heads between the mold and the pressure head.

7. After the work is finished, the products, tools and moulds should be sorted out and placed in the designated place.

  Small single column hydraulic pressHow to maintain?

  Small single column hydraulic pressWhat is the operating system?

1. Hydraulic press personnel need to have the corresponding qualifications, need to hold a certificate to perform their duties, the machine does not understand the people are strictly prohibited to use the hydraulic press.

2, need to wear the provisions of labor protection supplies before class.

3. Before starting, please confirm whether the photoelectric protection device is reliable, whether each travel switch is sensitive, and whether the fasteners are loose.

4. Remove the sundries from the workbench and mold, adjust the working pressure and slider stroke, and run empty for a minute or two before everything can run normally.

5. The adjustment handle of the machine has been adjusted in the factory, and people who are not debuggers cannot adjust it at will.

  Small single column hydraulic pressWhat is the maintenance system?

1, according to the machine lubrication requirements for lubrication maintenance.

2. After the machine tool works once a year, the hydraulic oil needs to be taken out of the oil tank for cleaning from the oil tank on the bed, and the filtered hydraulic oil needs to be refilled. The flow rate needs to be determined at 3/4 of the oil meter.

3. The oil filter of the suction pipe needs to be cleaned or cleaned regularly.

4. Regularly check whether the handle, torque and key are damaged.

5. The motor needs to be kept clean, and the air inlet cover of the motor should always be kept in a good ventilation state without blockage.

6. Ten minutes before leaving work every day, clean and lubricate the machine tool.

7. It is strictly prohibited for non-operators to operate the equipment, and it is usually necessary for someone to fall from the aircraft to stop.