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What is the development history of small single column hydraulic machine?

  Small single column hydraulic pressThe fuselage adoptsC- type single-arm structure, using all-steel plate CO2 welding, tempering vibration treatment after welding to prevent body deformation. The timing system is located in the fuselage, with beautiful appearance and easy operation. Single column machine is mainly suitable for metal products stretching, forming, pressing and other processes, but also can process non-metallic materials, powder metallurgy products pressing, shaft parts correction, set of parts extrusion and metal products forming, cutting and other processes.

     Small single column hydraulic pressWhat is the history of development?

  Small single column hydraulic pressThe hydraulic system changes power from one way to another. The process ends with the sealing liquid as a preface. The science of transmitting force or motion through closed liquid disposal is called"Hydraulics", the science of oil pressure is a young science. This is history only a few hundred years ago. It begins with the lever discovered by a genie named BryceTransmissionPrinciple. The principle of the long river of time came to be known as Pascal's law. Pascal made such a discovery, but a man named Joseph Bram was inThe first practical use was made on a hydraulic press in 1795. 

World War(1914-1918) shortly after,Transmissionhas been widely used, especiallyAfter 1920, the development is more agile. Parts in the late 19th centuryTwentyAt the beginning of the century.TwentyYears later began to get on track with industrial production time. Subsequently, Vickers(F.Vikers) published a clear pressure balanced vane pump, which is historical for the modern parts industry orTransmissionThe gradual establishment of a solid foundation.TwentyEarly century Constantinysk(G.Constantimsco) Theoretical and practical research on energy sloshing transfer, due to the study of hydraulic powerTransmission(hydraulic joint shaft, hydraulic torque converter, etc.) commitment, launched the scope of these two aspects.

World War(1941-1945) time, 30% of the machine tools in the United States used oil pressure transmission. It should be noted that Japan'sTransmissionLater than Europe and the United States and other countriesTwentyFor many years.Around 1955, it was launched on the late island nation of Japan.Transmission,In 1956, the "Hydraulic Industry Association" was established in Beijing ". In the last 30 years, JapanTransmissionIt is developing rapidly and is in the forefront of the world.Small single column hydraulic pressof the oil pressureTransmissionThere are many outstanding advantages, so small single-column hydraulic press is widely used, such as the general industrial plastic processingMachinePressure machinery, etc. The construction machinery in the machine is divided into various, constructionMachine, AgricultureMachineCars, etc. Metallurgical machinery used in the iron and steel industry, promotionMachineFlood gates and dams for civil engineering, such as roll adjustment equipment.MachineWaterway liftingMachineTurbine speed regulation of power station, such as bridge control organizationMachineNuclear power plant and other marine deck cranes(winch), bow door, wall valve, stern thruster and other special functions with giant antenna control equipment, measuring buoy, elevator rotation in order to facilitate the operation of single-column hydraulic press, the gas is changed to C- type gas, also known as arch gas, also known as single arm,Small single column hydraulic pressWait.