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What are the advantages of the servo press?

     Servo press machineIn the manufacturing process, it is controlled by the program and can be pressed multiple times for different press-fitting processes, which is a process that cannot be completed by other hydraulic presses. The servo press machine can truly realize multiple functions of one machine, reducing production line costs and floor space.

For example, if a company needs to press-fit two bearings in two different positions on the production line, thenServo press machineIt can be controlled by the program at different times, different positions and different pressures to press the size of the bearing, which is an ordinary punch and hydraulic press can not complete the action!

  Servo press machineThe small bearing, the large bearing and the shell of the compressor are press-fitted and riveted on the same machine for three consecutive times to complete the product manufacturing, which greatly saves the cost of manual handling and multiple equipment, and each press-fitting data is recorded in the database for statistical query, and the press-fitting process data can be traced.

   Servo press machineA variety of press-fitting procedures can be online at the same time, and multiple continuous press-fitting can be realized through different operation buttons or different operation sequences. The position control accuracy is good, and one machine can complete the manufacturing of press-fitting process. Multi-process selection of press-fitting or sequential press-fitting can simplify the production line, reduce costs, effectively control product quality, and save labor costs.

Because the press machine itself has the ability of precise pressure control and displacement control, there is no need to install hard limit. According to the processing requirements of the workpiece, it is only necessary to call different press-fitting procedures.

The whole pressing process of the machine is divided into five stages: fast forward, detection, pressing, holding pressure and return. Fast forward of idle stroke can improve production efficiency, slow press-fitting process can provide smooth press-fitting without overshoot, holding pressure can prevent press-fitting parts from rebounding, intelligent judgment can sort defective products, precise positioning can simplify tooling molds, servo control can reduce energy consumption, electric drive can reduce noise and improve working environment.

When the machine is started, the reference origin is automatically found. After setting the parameters, press the start button, the indenter will drop to the detection position of this position at the fast forward speed, and then drop at the detection speed to start the detection process. The detection process continues to the set detection limit position. If the workpiece does not detect the detection limit position, the indenter will stop moving, and press the zero button at this time to return to the mechanical origin. When the contact pressure reaches the set value during the detection process, it will automatically switch to the pressing speed to press the workpiece. When pressed to the set position, it is held according to the pressure holding time set by the user. After the pressure holding time, return to the set working point at the set speed.

In the automotive engine components, electronic components, home appliances accessories and other fields can be used to press the machine, visible.Servo press machineReplacing hydraulic and pneumatic press machines is a major trend in the future.