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Introduction to the working principle and structure of servo press machine

Servo press machine is widely used in the process of press-fitting motor assembly. For example, press the bearing to the rotor, press the clamping spring, press the silicon steel sheet to the rotor, press the commutator, press the bearing to the housing, etc. Just a simple press-fit, the depth of knowledge involved is also impressive. In the motor assembly line,Servo press machineAutomation is just one way to increase productivity. But in fact, the improvement of motor assembly quality requires more attention to the realization of technology in the assembly process. In the whole motor assembly process, in addition to magnetizing, dynamic balance, winding and other motor assembly process, there are press fitting, oiling, welding and other traditional processes.

1.Servo press machineThe working principle

  Servo press machineDriven by two main motors, the main screw drives the working slider to move up and down. After the start signal is input, the motor drives the working slider to move up and down through the stationary pinion and large gear. When the motor reaches the speed required for the predetermined pressure, the stored energy of the large gear is used to perform work, thereby forming the forging die workpiece. After the big gear releases energy, the working slider bounces back under the action of force and starts to drive the big gear to reverse, so that the working slider quickly returns to the predetermined stroke position.

2.Servo press machineThe structure

The servo press machine consists of a servo press system and a host. The host adopts imported servo electric cylinder and screw matching control part, and the imported servo motor drives the host to generate pressure. The difference between the servo press machine and the ordinary press machine is that it does not use air pressure. Its working principle is to use a servo motor to drive a high-precision ball screw for pressure assembly. in press assembly operations. The whole process of closed-loop control of pressure and depth can be realized.

Features of 3. servo press machine:

1. Set pre-assembly, positioning, press-fitting, assembly, measurement, statistics, analysis, error correction, protection, feedback, update in one, fully explain all the key points in the field of precision press-fitting.

2. Widely used in aerospace, automotive, micro-motor, electronics, electrical equipment, materials science and other fields. It is not only an excellent production equipment, but also a testing equipment for scientific research experiments.

3. Through the perfect control of the software and the precise movement of the machine, the precise control of the force, displacement and speed in the press-fitting process is realized, which provides a guarantee for the best press-fitting scheme and ensures the high consistency of the press-fitting quality.

4. It can be used as an independent operating unit or integrated as a production line subsystem, which is simple and convenient to operate. At the same time, the system is also expanding, and now it is compatible with the visual recognition system, which makes the pressing more accurate and simple.

Under the general situation of paying attention to low carbon and environmental protection, the prospect of servo press machine is still very broad. It is composed of host, control computer and frame (optional). It is compact in structure and full of aesthetic feeling. When experiencing the convenience brought by science and technology, the press fitting work becomes easy and pleasant.