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Analysis of Five Advantages of Servo Pressing Machine

     Servo press machineDriven by a servo motor, the use of high-precision ball screw precision press-fit, the whole process control of press-fit force and press-fit depth, to achieve online quality management of accurate press-fit. Adjustable speed, controllable pressure and stroke, high precision, good rigidity, and wide application.

   Servo press machineIt can be used for pressing various bearings and parts. It has the advantages of small footprint and simple operation. It is widely used in major electronics factories, auto parts processing centers, motors, bearings, motors, water pumps, automobiles and other industries. After summarizing, we will introduce in detail the five advantages of the servo press machine, which is the key for many manufacturers to choose it.

1. Control

The pressure loader controller is a kind of fast data measurement controller independently developed on the basis of industrial control computer. It can be well realized in position control: pressure is applied to the product at a relatively slow and stable speed, and each control The number of revolutions of the motor is fixed, and its repeatability remains unchanged. After eliminating the transmission error, in terms of pressure control: the load sensing with pressure measurement and control as the feedback element, the device can effectively control the pressure at a speed of 1200 times per second to ensure that the pressure is within the error range of less than 1%;

In the production process of press-fitting operation, the graph of the whole process of press-fitting force and displacement will be displayed on the display screen, which can automatically judge whether the product is qualified, and remove unqualified products to realize online quality management.

2. Online detection function

  Servo press machineIt can judge the pressure and displacement of stamping parts online, can effectively judge the pressure of any position or the position under any pressure, meet the product pressing design index, effectively optimize the pressing process, provide the basis for the design, and control the multi-level multi-mode composite pressing by software.

3, multi-function

It is programmed and controlled in the manufacturing process, and can press different press-fitting processes multiple times, which is an action process that other hydraulic presses cannot complete.Servo press machineIt truly realizes the multi-purpose of one machine, reducing the cost and floor space of the production line. The production line is simplified, the cost is reduced, the product quality is effectively controlled, and the labor cost is saved.

4. Establish product identification information

By scanning the product label, the parameter database of the important link of the product is established. On the basis of the massive data management of the industrial computer, the number of products in each factory can be viewed and the data can be tracked.

5. Energy Saving

The energy effect of servo press is obvious. Since the servo motor is used as the power source, the torque can be output according to the load during use. In the process of idle stroke reactive power return, the power loss of the servo motor is very small, and the power output of the servo motor is output on demand. Compared with the energy-saving effect of the pneumatic press machine, the energy-saving effect is very obvious, the economy is good, and the energy-saving rate is about 80%.