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The main purpose of servo press machine

Servo press machineIt's a press. Includes extended software systems, servo systems, electrical systems, control systems, mechanical components and actuators..

Servo press raw materials, servo press application advantages, servo press pressing method, servo press parameters.

Servo press machine; application and use.

Servo press machineRaw Materials:

The servo press machine is composed of servo motor, servo driver, lead screw, PLC, touch screen, synchronous wheel, synchronous belt, guide rod, bearing, power switch, thermal protection and other parts. These are very important parts. Decide whether the system is strong.. Adopt imported accessories. Ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Servo press machine is widely used in our daily work life. Although we also know how to operateServo press machine,, But we do not have a thorough understanding of its working principle and structure, which prevents us from easily operating the equipment. Therefore, we will introduce the structure and working principle of the servo press in detail.

The servo press machine is completely different from the traditional press. It belongs to a completely new concept, not only in concept, but also in technology. It is a combination of traditional mechanical technology and high-tech, and realizes the digital control of stamping equipment. The structure of servo press machine has table C type, bow type, single column type, two column type and four column type. The table structure is simple and reliable, the bearing capacity is strong, and the load deformation is small. It is a stable bearing structure and has a wide range of applications. The main system of the equipment is composed of servo motor, position sensor, motor controller, deceleration driver, brake, touch screen, working mechanism, auxiliary mechanism, programmable controller and other components.

In simple terms, the servo press machine consists of a hydraulic system and a host.. The host adopts imported servo electric cylinder and spiral support control part, and the imported servo motor drives the host to generate pressure. The difference between a servo press and an ordinary press is that it does not use air pressure. Its working principle is to use a servo motor to drive a high-precision ball screw for pressure assembly. In the pressure assembly operation, the whole process of pressure and depth can be closed-loop control.

The working principle of servo press machine equipment.

The servo press machine is driven by two main motors, and the main lead screw drives the working slider to move up and down. After inputting the starting signal, the motor drives the working slider to move up and down through the small gear and the large gear in the stationary state.. When the motor reaches the speed required for the predetermined pressure. The energy stored in the large gear is used for work. A forging die workpiece is thereby formed. After the big gear releases energy,. The working slide rebounds under the action of the force. The motor starts to drive the large gear to reverse, so that the working slider quickly returns to the predetermined stroke position.