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What is the characteristic of single column hydraulic press?

single column hydraulic pressIt is an energy-saving hydraulic press that uses servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduces the control valve circuit and controls the hydraulic press slider. It is mainly composed of frame, machine head, worktable, servo motor, push rod, pressure plate and control switch. The machine head is fixed on the upper part of the frame through a cantilever, and the servo motor is vertically installed on the machine head. The lower end of the servo motor is coaxially connected with the push rod, and the lower end of the push rod is equipped with a pressure plate. The lower end of the servo motor is coaxially connected with the push rod through the ball screw, and the control switch is symmetrically installed on the outer side of the worktable of the corresponding pressure plate. The control switch is a linked two-handed activation button.

single column hydraulic pressThe product features:

1. The fuselage adopts the traditional bow structure, which is similar to the traditional mechanical punch, with simple and compact structure, small footprint and convenient operation.

2. The main cylinder is a piston type oil cylinder with a fast cylinder, which can realize high-speed downward pressure and slow pressure action. Increase productivity.

3. The oil cylinder is of upper cylinder type. When the stamping slider is working, press it from top to bottom. The lower die is fixed and the upper die is pressed.

4. The upper part of the fuselage is equipped with precision positioning device, mechanical dead zone and servo adjustment device.

5. The precision positioning device is driven by a servo motor. The positioning accuracy is 0.01mm.

6. the electrical system adopts the proportional drive of touch screen of plc servo system, and the proportional hydraulic system issues instructions according to the process requirements to complete the process cycle action of the machine.

7. The man-machine interface is friendly, and the 200 group parameter program can be accessed arbitrarily.

8. The position is positioned by the electronic ruler, and the stroke position can be set arbitrarily. High precision positioning adopts mechanical dead zone. The positioning accuracy is ± 0.0mm in theory and 0.01-0.02mm in practice.

9. The pressure is detected by the pressure sensor, and the machine pressure can be set arbitrarily.

10. Automatic feed of mobile worktable.

single column hydraulic pressFeatures:

1. C- type single-column design, integral body casting, high temperature aging treatment, good rigidity and small deformation.

2, the use of PLC control, action speed, pressure, time, pressing position can be arbitrarily set on the screen, high precision, good reliability.

3. Equipped with hydraulic system sensor and pressure sensor to display the actual pressure. The pressure detection range can be set to detect whether the pressed product is qualified. Product overpressure and underpressure will automatically alarm and stop during the pressing process.

4. The full hydraulic system has high pressure, stable working performance, high pressure accuracy and large adjustment range.

5. Safety design, fully automatic operation, two-hand operation, with emergency stop and up and down jog function.

When the spindle descends, there are two speeds: fast forward and pressurized feed. Fast forward improves work efficiency: the pressure feed speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to improve the quality of product press-fitting and protect the mold and product.

7. Manual button and foot pedal are used for cycle start.