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How to deal with the leakage of hydraulic cylinder of single column hydraulic press?

How to deal with the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder of a single-column hydraulic press? Usually, in the process of use, if you encountersingle column hydraulic pressThe hydraulic cylinder problem needs to be repaired in combination with the situation, so as to effectively solve the problem of hydraulic cylinder leakage and ensure that the equipment remains normal during use. The following is a brief description of the relevant staff, hoping to help you.

1. checksingle column hydraulic pressWhether the hydraulic cylinder seal is damaged due to poor assembly.

1、single column hydraulic pressWhen the hydraulic cylinder seal is assembled, it often passes through the thread, spline, keyway, sharp edge and other positions. If it is not careful, it may cause the sealing lip phenomenon.

2. When the hydraulic cylinder of the single-column hydraulic press is assembled, the end cover is deflected, the piston rod and the cylinder are not concentric, and the piston rod is difficult to extend, which accelerates the wear of the seal. Removable for inspection and reassembly.

3, single column hydraulic press hydraulic cylinder seal installation error: such as seal installation error or omission.

Improper installation of the gland, unable to press: If the gland is installed with deviation, the fastening screws are unevenly stressed, and the fastening screws are too long. The screws shall be tightened in diagonal sequence. When tightening the screws, the force should be uniform. According to the screw hole depth reasonable selection of screw length.

2. check whether there is a problem with the quality of the hydraulic cylinder seal of the single-column hydraulic press: it may be that repeated replacement of new sealing rings cannot solve the problem of oil leakage. At this time, it should be confirmed whether the sealing ring is purchased from an informal manufacturer, whether there are problems with the sealing material and size, and whether the sealing ring is not properly kept and naturally aged.

3. check whether the processing quality of the hydraulic cylinder seal of the single-column hydraulic press meets the requirements: if the groove size and accuracy do not meet the requirements, the sealing surface is rough, and there is no chamfer, the groove size should be designed and processed in accordance with relevant standards. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be corrected to the required size, corrected and deburred.

4. check the use of the hydraulic cylinder seals of the single-column hydraulic press: if the oil is not clean, the viscosity is too low, the oil temperature is too high, or the ambient temperature is too high, replace the appropriate clean oil, find out the reason for the temperature rise, and take heat insulation, Set up oil cooling device and other measures.

In addition, in addition to the need to pay attention to the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder of the single-column hydraulic press, we must also pay attention to the instability of the pressure reducing valve, large pressure fluctuations, and sometimes large noise.

1. for the pilot type pressure reducing valve, because the pilot valve and relief valve is common, so the pressure swing of the reasons and troubleshooting can refer to the relevant parts of the relief valve.

2., when the pressure reducing valve is used at a flow rate exceeding the rated flow, the main valve oscillates, making the pressure reducing valve unstable. At this time, the oil pressure has a "boost-buck-boost-buck" cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to select a pressure reducing valve suitable for the model and specification, otherwise the pressure will not be stable.