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Maintenance method of single column hydraulic press

single column hydraulic pressThe accessories that are prone to failure are:

1. Rubber accessories. For example, hydraulic pipes generally leak oil after aging.

2. Electrical components. For example, the switches, indicator lights, indicators, cables, etc. on the electric hydraulic pump control cabinet are frequently used and are easily damaged and damaged).

3. Seals. For example, the O-ring in the hydraulic cylinder can not be seen from the outside, which is generally manifested as oil leakage.

4. Various valves and joints. Such as reversing valve, relief valve, one-way valve, unloading valve, etc. If the equipment has major problems, such as insufficient pressure, non-reversing, etc., it is generally the problem of these valves.

5. Oil tank filter and hydraulic oil. After long-term use, a large amount of impurities will affect the use and need to be replaced frequently.

single column hydraulic pressWidely used in industrial production,single column hydraulic pressThe fault seriously affects the production efficiency, so how to quickly and accurately determinesingle column hydraulic pressThe cause of the failure is particularly important.

One.single column hydraulic pressRepair-Replacement Method

That is: in the same model, the same structure, the same basic principles.single column hydraulic pressTake the same parts, replace (exchange) and install them in the same part to confirm whether the replaced parts are reliable. Work. For example, a part of machine A is replaced into machine B, and observation is started to confirm the quality of the part.

The advantage of the replacement method is that even if the technical strength of the maintenance personnel is not high, this method can be used to accurately diagnose the common faults of the single-column hydraulic press. However, the application of this method requires a single-column hydraulic press based on the same type, the same structure, the same hydraulic principle, and the same hydraulic components, so this method has considerable limitations and certain one-sidedness.

II. Maintenance of single column hydraulic press-auxiliary method.

With the help of simple auxiliary components, it is possible to diagnosesingle column hydraulic pressWhether there are common faults in the hydraulic components.

Oil blocking method: If the oil hole of the valve element and the oil hole of the hydraulic cylinder are blocked, it can be diagnosed whether the hydraulic part leaks and fails. Manual reversing method: replace the reversing valve with the ejector rod to diagnose the dead valve of the reversing valve, the valve core is not in place and other faults.

The auxiliary method can diagnose whether there are common faults in the hydraulic parts of the single-column hydraulic press without disassembling the hydraulic components, avoid excessive disassembly and assembly labor, reduce the fault detection time, and facilitate rapid diagnosis. It has good applicability to the diagnosis of such common faults.

Three. Maintenance of Single Column Hydraulic Press-Work Experience Method

By mastering the hydraulic system of single-column hydraulic press, maintenance personnel are familiar with the structure and working principle of hydraulic components, and on the basis of accumulating maintenance experience of single-column hydraulic press, troubleshooting. The single column hydraulic press is analyzed and compared comprehensively, and the fault is treated and diagnosed quickly and accurately.