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Working Environment and Maintenance Points of Single Column Hydraulic Press

Single-column hydraulic press (single-arm hydraulic press, C- type hydraulic press), the body is a C- type cantilever structure, and the whole adopts a welded solid open structure, which can make the blasting sufficiently rigid and has convenient operating space, small structure, stable work, Fast speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation, etc.single column hydraulic pressThe four-column guide rail is adopted to improve the accuracy of the product. The guide rail and the piston rod are plated with hard chrome after intermediate frequency quenching to prevent rust. The oil pump oil supply port is equipped with a unique filtering device to ensure the service life of the oil pump and valve. The service life of a single-column hydraulic press is related to regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can eliminatesingle column hydraulic pressProblems with the operating system. The hydraulic cylinder is an important part of the four-column hydraulic press equipment. Under the high-speed and high-pressure operation of the hydraulic system, the load of the hydraulic cylinder also increases, resulting in the deformation and expansion of the inner diameter of the hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder wall and the leakage of the hydraulic system affect the normal operation of the four-column hydraulic press. This article describes how to maintainsingle column hydraulic press.

  single column hydraulic pressWorking environment and maintenance points

1. Regular inspectionsingle column hydraulic press1-2 times per month. Check whether the worm gear, worm, bearing, pressure roller, upper and lower guide rail and other moving parts rotate flexibly and have no wear. Found defects should be timely repair and use. Regularly clean the hydraulic valve and oil tank of the single-jet hydraulic press, and check or replace the sealing ring and filter element. Regularly filter oil or replace oil (oil medium is 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil).

2. The remaining powder should be removed after one use or shutdown. Scrub any residual powder from all parts of the machine. If the powder is too fine or the viscosity is too high, it should be cleaned every two shifts. If it is not used for a long time, all molds need to be removed and the machine cleaned.

3, single column hydraulic press die should be placed in a covered iron box, and fully immersed in oil, keep clean, no rust, no bump. The place of use should be cleaned frequently, especially in the manufacture of medicines and edible tablets, and there should be no lime sand and dust. Electrical components should be regularly maintained and inspected to keep them in good operating condition. The cooling fan should be regularly dusted with compressed air.

4, single column hydraulic machine electrical components should pay attention to the working environment conditions (temperature, humidity). In a good environment, the service life of the components will be extended.

The maintenance of the electrical components of the single-column hydraulic press should be carried out by professional and technical personnel, especially the inverter should be operated carefully. General should be sent to professional manufacturers for maintenance.

6. Before the insulation test of the electrical components of the tablet press, it is necessary to remove all the wiring of the inverter main circuit control circuit to prevent the insulation test from damaging the inverter. Refer to the inverter operation manual for individual inverter insulation test methods.

After cleaning the inside and outside of the tool box of the single-column hydraulic press, clean all items and tools for easy disassembly. The principle of collision avoidance is to layer, classify, and arrange neatly in the toolbox.