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The working principle of single column hydraulic press and how to deal with the problem of leakage outside the hydraulic oil cylinder of single column hydraulic press

Introductionsingle column hydraulic pressThe working principle

  single column hydraulic pressIt is a device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. A liquid follows Pascal's law when it transmits pressure in a closed container.single column hydraulic pressThe hydraulic transmission system is composed of power mechanism, control mechanism, actuator, auxiliary mechanism and working medium. The power mechanism usually uses an oil pump as the power mechanism, generally a volumetric oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of the actuator movement speed, one oil pump or more oil pumps can be selected. Low pressure gear pump (oil pressure less than 2.5MP); medium pressure vane pump (oil pressure less than 6.3MP); high pressure plunger pump (oil pressure less than 32.0MP).

  single column hydraulic pressUsually refers to the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor. Both the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are energy conversion devices in the hydraulic system. The difference is that the hydraulic pump converts the mechanical energy of the drive motor into the pressure energy of the oil, which is the power in the hydraulic system. The hydraulic motor converts the pressure energy of the oil into mechanical energy and is the actuator in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors commonly used in hydraulic systems are of positive displacement type, and their working principle is to use the change of seal volume to suck and press oil. In terms of working principle, most hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are reciprocating, that is, when pressure oil is input, the hydraulic pump becomes a hydraulic motor, which can output speed and torque, but in structure, there are still some hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. difference.

  single column hydraulic pressIt has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control, which can realize three working modes of adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. The process needs to be adjusted to complete the ejection process. There are three process modes: the ejection process and the stretching process. Each process has two process actions: constant pressure and fixed stroke. After pressing, the constant pressure forming process has ejection delay and automatic return.

The single-column hydraulic press has a wide range of versatility and is suitable for the extrusion, bending, folding and stretching of various plastic materials. At the same time, the hydraulic press can also be used for the compression molding of various plastic and powder products. In addition, the single-column hydraulic press can also be used for product calibration, press-fit and shaping.

Check whether there is a problem with the sealing quality of the hydraulic cylinder of the single-column hydraulic press: This situation may be that repeated replacement of the new sealing ring cannot solve the oil leakage problem. At this time, it should be confirmed whether the sealing ring is purchased from an informal manufacturer, whether there is a problem with the size of the sealing material, and whether the sealing ring is stored improperly and naturally aging and deteriorating.

Check whether the processing quality of the sealing part of the hydraulic cylinder of the single-column hydraulic press meets the requirements: if the groove size and precision do not meet the requirements, the sealing surface is rough, the chamfer is not chamfered, etc., the groove size should be designed and processed according to relevant standards. Dimensional requirements, trimming and deburring.

Check the working condition of the hydraulic cylinder seal of the single-column hydraulic press: if the oil is not clean, the viscosity is too low, the oil temperature is too high, and the ambient temperature is too high, replace the appropriate cleaning oil, find out the reason for the temperature rise, take heat insulation measures, and set up Oil cooling device and other measures.