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Research and Development Prospect of Servo Press

Servo drive can not only realize the intelligence and flexibility of molding equipment, but also improve productivity and product quality. It is a new development direction of molding equipment. This paper lists someservo pressThe working principle and development status of servo press are introduced, and the new type of servo press is demonstrated.servo pressExcellent performance in blanking, deep drawing, extrusion, fine blanking and other processes.


(1) servo press development prospects:servo pressThere are many advantages in performance, which has been confirmed. However, for the development prospects of this press, there is no consensus in the industry, and there are not many commercial products in the world. The transmission mode of ordinary motor flywheel has a series of advantages such as low price, simple and reliable, and has a long history, and is widely used in forging machinery. In the foreseeable future, it is not possible or necessary to use servo drives in all presses. However, a series of advantages brought by servo drive to the press, especially flexibility, energy saving and noise reduction, do show attractive prospects for forging equipment. The requirements of forging production in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and high performance are increasing, which will make it more competitive. With the development of domestic technology and competition with imported products, market prices will drop rapidly, and the application of this technology in molding equipment will become more and more extensive. It can be predicted that the servo press will play an increasingly important role in some important manufacturing fields, such as electronic products, automobiles and other precision manufacturing fields. It will partially replace hydraulic presses, ordinary mechanical presses and screw presses.

(2) Energy consumption and motor capacity of servo drive: As mentioned above, in ordinary presses, the load of the motor is relatively stable. Even in the non-working period of the working cycle, the flywheel consumes energy to restore the flywheel speed. The cycle consumes energy. The rated power of the motor is substantially equal to the average energy consumption of the cycle. For servo drives, there is no flywheel, and the actual power consumed is variable. From the motor rated power, servo pressure chance than ordinary mechanical press. However, due to the different power consumption of the two driving methods, the actual energy consumption of the servo press is still lower than that of the ordinary press. One way to reduce the capacity of the motor is to improve the overload capacity of the motor.

(3) The influence of the servo press on the power grid: When the servo crank press is working, it will produce a large short-term impact current, which is very harmful to the power grid and needs to be paid attention. On the contrary, the current of the servo screw press will be smaller than that of the ordinary screw press during the commutation, thereby reducing the heating of the motor and the current impact.

(4) Speed up the pace of research and development: Replacing traditional induction motors with servo motors can improve their working performance and greatly improve the level of intelligence and automation of molding equipment, which is of epoch-making significance. At present, the domestic technology is still relatively backward, foreign countries have just started. In view of its broad application prospects, it is necessary to accelerate the research and development of this technology to catch up with the development trend of world equipment technology.