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Features and different application areas of servo press

  servo pressIt is composed of five parts: servo electric cylinder, servo press fitting software, control box, human-computer interaction module and cable module. It adopts modular servo control system to realize real-time collection and analysis of force, displacement and time data, and can monitor force and displacement, force and time. It has pressure control, displacement control and speed control, and is suitable for occasions with strict requirements on press fitting process. The servo electronic press technology is that the servo motor drives the precision ball screw, and the closed-loop online control is used to realize the precision press assembly. Precision, accuracy and whole process control are its main features.


  servo pressFeatures: 1. The equipment adopts a single-column structure servo motor to drive the ball screw movement, and the touch screen display. 2. Real-time fitting curve display and storage function to realize 0% NG product. 3. High-precision displacement and force, the displacement accuracy can reach 0.01mm, and the force accuracy error is ± 0.1. 4.100 sets of pressing procedures can be set to make one machine multi-purpose. 5. The energy-saving effect reaches more than 80%, which is more environmentally friendly and safe, and can meet the equipment use requirements of the dust-free workshop. 6. Six-stage speed of stroke: fast forward, detection, pressing, buffering, holding pressure and returning. 7. During program setup, seven pressing modes can be selected.

Servo press is a press controlled by a servo motor. It is widely used in automobiles, motors, electronics industry, home appliances, machinery and other industries, and is mainly used for assembly pressing in various industries. The series and types of servo presses selected by different industries are also very different, so the choice of servo presses is also very important.

The use of servo presses is different in different industries. The automobile industry is mainly used for the pressing of engine parts, such as engine cylinder heads, cylinder liners, and oil seals. Assembly press-fit, drive shaft assembly press-fit, gear box assembly press-fit, brake disc assembly press-fit, etc. In the motor industry, it is mainly used for press-fitting of micro-motor parts, such as spindles and shells. The press fitting of motor components includes bearing press fitting, etc., which is used for the press fitting of circuit board components in the electronics industry. In the home appliance industry, it is used for press-fitting and riveting of home appliance accessories. In the machinery industry, it is used for press-fitting of mechanical parts, automatic assembly of assembly lines, and life tests of wearing parts. We need to choose the right servo press according to different industries and uses.

The main application areas of servo presses: 1. Automotive industry: press-fitting of engine components, steering gear components, drive shaft components, gearbox components, brake disc components, etc. 2, motor industry: micro-motor components suppression, motor components suppression. 3. Electronics industry: PCB assembly press-fitting, electronic parts press-fitting. 4. Household appliances industry: press-fitting riveting of household appliances. 5. Machinery industry: press-fitting of mechanical parts, automatic assembly of assembly line, life test of wearing parts, etc. 6. Other industries: other occasions that require precision CNC press-fitting displacement and press-fitting force.