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What is a servo press and what types are there?

Servo presses usually refer to presses driven and controlled by servo motors, including servo presses for metal forging and special servo presses for the refractory industry. Because of their digital control features, servo motors are sometimes widely referred to as CNC presses. The servo press realizes the movement process of the slider through complex power-on control and the servo motor drives the eccentric gear. The servo press can program the stroke, speed, pressure, etc. at will, and even reach the nominal tonnage of the printing press at low speed.

  servo pressIt is divided into servo connecting rod press, servo crank press, servo screw press and servo hydraulic press.

1. Servo crank press: In general mechanical crank press, eccentric teeth drive the crank slider up and down, and the curve is sinusoidal. Typically, the nominal tonnage is reached before the slide runs to bottom dead center. The stroke is not adjustable and is fixed. The general hydraulic press can realize the engineering tonnage of any position of the slider stroke, because the pressure is transmitted through the liquid, the stroke is adjustable but the efficiency is low.servo pressThe advantages of hydraulic press and mechanical press are combined by pre-programming, and the movement of the slider is controlled by the motor, so that the stamping production can be realized at any stage of any stroke, and the pressure curve can be programmed at any time.

2. Servo screw press: the traditional double-disc friction drive screw press, the friction disc rotates continuously after the machine is started, the impact strength is greatly affected by human activities, consumes a lot of energy, and leads to unstable product quality. As the upgrading equipment of friction press, according to the different drive motors, in the field of hot forging and refractory forming, two kinds of electric screw press, servo screw press and switched reluctance screw press, have appeared on the market. When the servo screw press starts the machine, as long as the control voltage is lost, the motor stops immediately. Therefore, in the time outside the press blow action, it saves about 60 yuan% than the friction press, and the power consumption is almost negligible. In addition, due to the superior performance of the servo motor, the servo screw press runs more stably and accurately, and can achieve rapid strikes in a short stroke.

3. Servo hydraulic press: Servo hydraulic press is suitable for die forging, stamping, press fitting, straightening and other processes. It uses servo motor to drive oil pump, control hydraulic slider and reduce control valve circuit. Compared with ordinary hydraulic presses, servo-driven hydraulic presses can replace most of the existing ordinary hydraulic presses, and have the advantages of low noise, energy saving, good flexibility and high efficiency. For the existing servo hydraulic press products, Japan, Europe and other industrial developed countries developed earlier, now in Japan has gradually entered the popularization period. However, only a few domestic enterprises have carried out research on such products, and the main key technologies have not yet broken through and have not yet formed mature products.