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The basic knowledge of the relevant servo press

The basic knowledge of the relevant servo press

Speaking of servo presses, the vast majority of people do not know what this is, let alone its main purpose. In fact, such machines and equipment are very advanced at present and need to be used in many industries. In recent years, the demand in the market is also constantly increasing. In order to let more people know about it, the following small series will bring some relevant information.servo pressThe basic knowledge points.

  servo pressIf you want to know about this kind of machinery and equipment, you have to know the use first. The main use of this product is extensive. It is mainly used in some areas of disconnection, punching machine, blanking, bending and other processes. The structure is also very exquisite, and it is quite high at work. Because of this, it has been warmly welcomed by many customers.servo pressFor some metal material blanks can also be increased strong pressure, and then let it produce plastic deformation and rupture. In fact, the key function of servo press also liberates human resources from complicated physical work, and then uses mechanical design basis to complete the human resources unable to perform pressure. That greatly alleviates the manpower's inability to finish the work.


I believe everyone can know the expression of servo press. Now this kind of machine equipment can play a very important role. Under normal circumstances in some grinding tools can put raw materials to complete the pressure processing. Can be a variety of stamping die design. According to its function, many things can be made into semi-finished products or products without being manufactured. Nowadays, it is used in agricultural machinery and equipment, household appliances, instrument panel electronic devices, medical treatment and machinery manufacturing. So it has been widely used by the Ministry of industry. However, the type of servo press is a little heavier, so in daily life in order to adapt to different parts of the process standards used in the servo press machine equipment is not the same. Everyone knows this too. They all have different characteristics and functions. At the time of selection, you can establish the requirements and purchase them according to the main purpose and structural characteristics of the servo press process.

There are so many basic knowledge points for servo press. In fact, there are more than these. In the unfinished matters, only the main features and features of servo press are simply mentioned. There are also some details that need to be paid attention to when using it. If you are interested, remember to read it at that time. Hopefully it can help more people.

How to maintain the servo press?

For the daily maintenance of mechanical equipment servo press is very important, so how should do this work? below, servo press factory for different conditions to explain how to maintain:

Servo press after daily maintenance:

1. Check and clean the moving components.

2. Set each operating handle (power switch) to a specific neutral position.

3. Check, clean and comb the work surface and office area. Record.

In use, the operator can notice that the printing equipment makes strange noises. Some positions of the servo press find abnormal temperature rise, smoke, slag or particles. There are also leakage pipes. Operators should ask themselves some questions every day, and record the answers during inspection, so as to facilitate long-term maintenance records.