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The following is a brief introduction to the usefulness of servo press

The following brief introductionservo pressthe usefulness

This open fixed tableservo pressIt is mainly used for the versatility of sheet metal stampingservo press, suitable for punching machine blanking, bending, edge pressing and shallow Rashen stamping processing work, in watches, toys, kitchenware, telecommunications equipment, instrument equipment, motors, household appliances, large tractors and automobile industry, daily hardware, wireless communication components and other fields are widely used.



1. Load level: thisservo pressNot suitable for printing work. When working, make sure that the working load is below the nominal pressure force.

2. Torque level: the pressure level of the servo press is changed by the roller part. What indicates this change is that when applying the servo press, the working load must be lower than that shown in the graph.

3. The servo press is allowed to arrange the frequency of one stroke:

When the servo press makes a stroke, parking is required for each stroke arrangement, and the worm gear transmission and braking system will burn once. After the friction surface temperature rises to a certain value (about 80 ℃), the clutch brake system The posture will be slow and fail. Therefore, it is clear that the frequency of a trip arrangement for each minute of the servo press is 30 times a minute.

Application of Servo Press in Motor Assembly Line

On the motor assembly line, the servo motor servo press is only one way to lift the equipment. But in fact, in order to improve the installation quality of the motor, it is necessary to attach great importance to the completion of the process in the installation process. In all motor installation links, there are different traditional crafts such as riveting, oil feeding, electric welding and so on. In addition to the distinctive motor machining process, such as magnetization, dynamic balance, winding and so on. Among them, riveting technology is widely used in motor installation. For example, press the rolling bearing on the motor rotor, press the clamping torsion spring and silicon steel sheet on the motor rotor, and press the motor commutator and rolling bearing on the casing.

In order to prevent the failure mode of too large press-fit force and too inferior press-fit force of servo motor servo press, force and displacement monitoring will be clearly proposed in the whole process of press-fit. Generally, MIN force, MAX force inspection and indentation depth inspection are required. However, there is another situation: if the rotor shaft and the shaft vibrate when the rolling bearing is pressed against the rotor of the motor, the extrusion force will increase and decrease during the pressing process. Such simple arable land and offset inspection cannot be promoted.

According to the process standard of servo press, different inhibition and test standards are selected. The process here is relatively general. In fact, it must be divided according to various characteristics of the new product. For example, the shaft processing process depends on where the key shaft deviation is, whether it is axial deviation or radial deviation, or vibration deviation, and its material properties, bending stiffness, plasticity and thermoelectric effect.