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Solution to sudden load loss of servo press

  servo pressSolution for sudden loss of load

Generally speaking, the oil height in the hydraulic cylinder is inversely proportional to the elastic potential energy stored in it. Therefore, when the servo press suddenly loses its load, it can also lift the cushion block between the daily task table and the upper die of the equipment to shift the working stroke of the bearing beam, thus reducing the oil height in the hydraulic cylinder.

Or add a theme movable backing plate between the piston rod and the bearing beam of the pressure cylinder. Whenservo pressWhen moving down, the piston rod and the load-bearing beam can fall in the same way. However, after charging, the piston rod will warm up first due to the pad, enhancing the storage level of liquid elastic potential energy. It is also because the oil height is reduced, so the kinetic energy is not easy to release suddenly, which can delay the loss of load.

for solvingservo pressThe problem of sudden loss of load can also be released from other safe channels to discharge the high-pressure and low-pressure liquid side of the hydraulic oil cylinder. While this solution is useful, it provides that operators are sensitive to equipment maintenance to prevent damage to the equipment.


In order to prevent the servo press from suddenly losing load, it can run normally and check before use.

1. Check whether the oil in the oil tank is sufficient, which can be noticed from the oil level gauge outside the oil tank on the right. If it is not enough, it is advisable to open the rear cover plate and introduce oil into the oil tank until the liquid level gauge reaches the oil level gauge.

2. Check whether the safety measures such as power grounding and fuse are effective.

3. For different experiments or different types of samples, adjust the relative height of the screw rod and full load, and select the detection range.

4. Wipe the surface of the sample to see if there is significant damage to the appearance. If one will affect the detection value, it is necessary to replace the high-quality test piece.

5. Check whether the needle of the inner diameter gauge is at zero position. If there is any discrepancy, rotate the zero key in the control cabinet to make the subject activity meter pin point to zero.

6. At the beginning, turn the left oil return valve to the slow speed position, and then press the start button in the panel to turn on the switching power supply.

7. Run the reducer motor and rotate the oil pipeline valve to make the test piece rise quickly before using the upper pressure plate. When they touch the bottom point of the lifting plate surface, the piston rod is raised slowly until the sample is cracked.

8. After the detection is completed, take out the damaged detection block and reset the passive needle to zero to carry out the next detection.

In addition, if a shock-absorbing rubber pad can be added under the servo press, it is also beneficial to the equipment. Because he can cache the equipment and reduce the vibration of the equipment after the sudden loss of load and charge and discharge kinetic energy, part of the heat will be consumed on the damping rubber pad to reduce the damage of the equipment as much as possible.