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Characteristics of single column hydraulic press

  single column hydraulic press, The body is a C- shaped single-arm structure: submerged arc welding is adopted, and vibration treatment after welding is used to ensure that the body is not deformed. The body adopts QT450 ductile iron, which is treated by high temperature, stress-free annealing, normalizing and natural aging to eliminate internal stress, ensure the performance of cast iron and prevent deformation and damage of castings.

This series of press is equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control system, the use of button centralized control, can achieve fixed-range and constant pressure two molding process, with pressure display, stroke, pressure adjustment and other functions. In addition, this series of guide rails adopt four-column guide rails, which improves the accuracy of the product. The columns and piston rods are plated with quenched copper and hard chromium to ensure the wear resistance and high roughness of the surface. The oil pump inlet is equipped with a unique filter The device ensures the service life of the oil pump and valve. The oil connection adopts imported high-pressure hose, which greatly reduces machine noise. In addition, according to user requirements, other configurations are imported PLC, grating protection and man-machine interface (touch screen) and other advanced components. According to the special requirements of customers, we can design special production to meet the production process requirements of customers.

  single column hydraulic pressCharacteristics and technical parameters,single column hydraulic pressIt adopts C- type structure and has wide versatility. It is suitable for pressing plastic materials and powder products. Correction of shafts and other similar parts; Stamping assembly of electrical parts; Process application of small plates such as wire drawing, forming, blanking, indentation, embossing, etc. The single-column hydraulic press is operated by hand or foot, and the pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily within the specified range. The operation is simple, flexible, safe and reliable.

Performance characteristics of single-column hydraulic press: The integral casting of the body has the advantages of strong deformation resistance, high working accuracy, and long service life. It is suitable for products with higher requirements. The single-column hydraulic press has good structural rigidity, good guiding performance, and high speed. Features; convenient manual adjustment mechanism, which can adjust any position of the indenter or workbench in the stroke, and can also adjust the fast forward length and design stroke during work; fully welded open solid structure, it can maintain sufficient rigidity of the fuselage while having a more convenient operating space.

The structure of single-column hydraulic press adopts unit vertical arrangement. The parts of the machine are installed on the fuselage, and the appearance is neat and beautiful. Can be operated using the handle or foot. The pressure of the single-column hydraulic press can be adjusted within the range. The stroke size can be controlled and the operation is relatively simple. Working table and sliding block are of steel plate welding structure, with T-shaped groove on the bottom and guided by four guide posts. The outer surface of the guide post is chrome plated. The main tonnage of the single-column hydraulic press is realized by a single cylinder. The cylinder and piston rod are made of 45# steel. The cylinder is sealed with a sealing ring, and the sealing performance is reliable.

Single column hydraulic machine technical parameters: single column hydraulic machine control system: electrical cabinet equipped with air switches, relays and other electrical appliances. To realize the program interlocking of various signals, limit and pressure action of single column hydraulic press. The single-column hydraulic press is equipped with a centralized control panel, and the panel is equipped with necessary operation buttons and selection switches.