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How to reduce energy consumption of single column hydraulic press

How to reduce energy consumption of single column hydraulic press?single column hydraulic pressIs widely used in daily use of a kind of equipment, the use of a large amount of all over the country, Hebei Province, Jiangsu area is the main area of large consumption, but we know that the single column hydraulic press in the use of the process can reduce energy consumption? That is to say, with the development of economy and society, energy-saving technology has become an important trend, how to achieve their own large efficiency with small energy consumption. I believe that many users want to buy a single-row hydraulic press, which has low energy consumption and high efficiency. Today, through a detailed introduction of small equipment, use it correctly to achieve good results.

To understand firstsingle column hydraulic pressUnder the action of high pressure, the motor and oil pump run at high speed. If we run at low speed without working pressure, the frequency of the frequency converter to adjust the control device will be reduced, then the rotating speed of the motor and oil pump and the oil output by the oil pump will be reduced accordingly, because the working mode of the whole system as sports equipment is different, and the energy consumption regulated by the frequency converter is different from the oil supply of the hydraulic machine, it is called a variable pump, which can be adjusted by itself, and energy consumption can be reduced by 30%-70%.

In the process of using and managing the equipment, buttons are generally equipped to control the operation switch. The circuit board factory will be equipped with a power-off protection working device. If our circuit design has no power supply or there is a sudden power failure during use, the development of the power-supply protection ecosystem will start and the system will be placed in the reset device. The energy consumption of the whole machine mainly comes from the use of motors and oil pumps, accounting for more than 80% of the energy consumption of the whole machine. So it is a big reason to reduce effective control. At present, many of our enterprise users can propose that the price is relatively high by using servo motors, but it is still ideal for energy-saving power supply. In addition,single column hydraulic pressThe oil pump usually needs to use plunger pump, more durable, energy consumption is relatively small.

  single column hydraulic pressOperators need to be trained to master equipment performance and operation techniques. Before operation, clean up all kinds of other debris on the mold, and wipe any biological dirt on the working hydraulic rod. The single-column hydraulic press needs to be installed when the power is off, and must not collide with the start button, handle, and foot switch. Center the upper and lower molds, adjust the mold gap, and do not allow one-way deviation from the center. After confirming that the mold is fixed, test the mold pressure.

Before the single-column hydraulic press works, start the system equipment to idle for 5 minutes, and check whether the oil level in the oil tank is sufficient, whether the sound information of the oil pump can be normal, and whether the hydraulic control unit and pipelines, joints, and pistons have leakage problems. Shenzhen Hydraulic Press TM series primer, start the equipment pressure test, check whether the pressure reaches the working pressure, whether the equipment is operating normally and reliably, and there is no leakage.

Adjust the pressure of social work environment, but it should not exceed 90% of the rated pressure of other equipment. Trial production of a workpiece, inspection after production. For hydraulic presses with different profiles and workpieces, the working pressure, pressure, holding time and time of the press should be adjusted at any time during pressing and calibration, and the mold and workpiece should not be damaged. When the press plate of the body slides up and down, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and head into the main parts of the press plate and mold design work.