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Let's take a look at what to do if the single-column hydraulic press does not test the pressure.

take a looksingle column hydraulic pressWhat to do without pressure test

  single column hydraulic pressNo pressure test may be the problem of throttle valve, hydraulic cylinder seal ring leakage, speed control valve in the system leakage and many other problems. There is no need to panic if there is no pressure test in the single-column hydraulic press. Now let's take a look at the reason:

1. the hydraulic cylinder is caused by oil leakage, carefully check whether there are oil leakage marks on the surface of the hydraulic cylinder. If not, the skeleton seal of the piston rod is damaged. Under normal circumstances, it is rare for the skeleton seal to be damaged. The skeleton seal is used only after strong inspection at the factory. The unqualified rate is very low. This is really why the hydraulic cylinder needs to be removed and replaced with the oil seal.

2. machinery and equipment have been in active service for a long time, the gasoline pump is unable to start, the overall aging reason, the long-term working efficiency of the pump is low, and the problem of poor connection is shown. If the adsorption force is very large at the time limit, the gasoline pump is normal.

3.single column hydraulic pressIf there is no pressure, it is preferred to check the power plug. If the three-phase power interface problem is plugged in the wrong one, it will not be uncomfortable. The gear oil in the oil tank is required to be added to the designated position. The power switch of the working pressure recuperation valve does not adjust the high pressure. If there is no pressure, check these problems first.

The noise problem of hydraulic press has always been a headache for everyone. As soon as we entered the industrial plant, the noise of the equipment made us unbearable. Here I will introduce in detail how to better deal with the noise problem in several aspects!

① Reduce the noise at the sound source

1. Renovation of production processes and the use of low-noise hydraulic presses

2. Improve machining manufacturing and assembly accuracy, thereby reducing the noise generated by vibration analysis and friction.

3. For high-pressure and high-pressure gases, the pressure difference and flow speed should be reduced, or the cyclone nozzle should be adjusted.

② Manipulation on the transfer road

1. Effective design in spatial layout. When arranging the advertisement design of factories and mines, the key noise source production workshop or equipment should first avoid the quiet production workshop, laboratory, company office, etc., and the high noise machinery and equipment should be centralized as much as possible, which is conducive to manipulation.

2. Use additional natural barriers to block the spread of noise, or use natural landforms such as hillsides, steep slopes, mountain forests, grass or tall buildings or additional buildings that are not afraid of making a lot of noise. 3. Use the directional characteristics at the sound source to reduce noise. Or the boiler exhaust steam, ironmaking blast furnace to flower watering, medical oxygen machine exhaust pipe and other exhaust entrance houses towards the wilderness or the sky, in order to minimize the role of the environment.