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Let's talk about the difference between servo electronic press and ordinary press.

Let's talk about it below.servo electronic pressDifference with ordinary press

The difference between servo electronic press and ordinary press:

  1.servo electronic pressDrive mode: high precision CNC machine toolservo electronic pressThe installation of working pressure is driven by the servo motor, and the working pressure is instantly converted by the torque output of the servo motor; under normal circumstances, the hydraulic press is driven by the motor to drive the gasoline pump, change the direction through the hydraulic reversing valve, and then the hydraulic system executes the working pressure. The working pressure passes through the oil pipe and the oil pan, causing certain damage.

2. Servo electronic press is energy-saving and environment-friendly: the electronic device press of high-precision numerical control machine tools uses servo motor. In its standby state, the motor does not rotate. In the process of pressing sleeve operation, the speed changes and the output power also changes. However, in general oil presses, the motor keeps rotating during the whole sleep process, which definitely consumes a certain amount of electric energy and rotates at a constant speed during operation, so the power consumption will be higher, generally compared with the servo motor, the noise of the motor will be greater.

3. Control level of servo electronic press: The electronic device press of high-precision numerical control machine tools can arbitrarily set multi-stage four-stroke rate, offset termination, timely termination, reaching the termination of working pressure, etc. However, the general hydraulic press has the hazards of sealing of pipelines, oil circuit boards and hydraulic cylinder blocks, and is unlikely to operate with high precision. Many of them depend on the positioning of mechanical equipment. If the accuracy of the electronic device press is to be close to be reached, the cost of mechanical equipment will far exceed that of electronic device presses, and the operation will be more complicated.

4. Servo electronic press function: high-precision electronic device press has the following functions:

1) Online riveting quality judgment: the trend chart of the whole process of pressing force and deviation can be displayed on the LCD touch screen; The whole process of control can automatically judge whether the goods meet the standards in any link of the work, and 100 percent of the defective products can be immediately eliminated, thus completing the online quality control;

2) Press-in force, press-in depth, riveting rate, pressure test time, etc., can be typed on the control panel, the page is friendly and easy to use;

3) 100 sets of riveting procedures can be independently customized, stored and read: seven kinds of riveting methods can be selected to meet your different technical requirements;

4) According to the external port number to connect the electronic computer, riveting data information can be stored in the computer system, to ensure the product traceability of commodity production and processing data information, is conducive to manufacturing quality management methods;

5) Because the equipment itself has the function of batching and offset control, it does not need to add hard positioning on the work clothes. When producing and processing different specifications and models of goods, you only need to read different riveting procedures, and you can simply complete a common machine. Soft assembly.

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