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Why choose CNC servo electronic press? What are its characteristics?

Why choose CNC servo electronic press? What are its characteristics?

Generally, the servo electronic press is operated by a servo motor driver. It is used to manufacture servo electronic presses in the fields of metal casting and refractory and thermal insulation materials. Due to the characteristics of CNC machine tools, servo motors are sometimes called CNC machine tools and are used to process depth CNC machine tools. The press for servo electronic components, commonly known as servo electronic press, is a pressure machine that uses servo motors to drive high-precision ball screws for high-precision pressure installation, closed-loop control system, it can complete the whole process of press fitting, high pressure loading and deep pressing. Next, let's introduce the characteristics of CNC servo electronic press, hoping to be helpful to everyone!

1. high precision: The high precision of the full closed-loop control of pressure and displacement is unmatched by other types of presses.

2. can be environmentally friendly: Compared with traditional pneumatic and hydraulic presses, the energy-saving effect is more than 80%, the use and maintenance cost is low, and it is more environmentally friendly and safe, which can meet the requirements of dust-free workshop equipment.

3. online quality management: full control, can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage of the operation process, eliminate defective products, and realize online quality management.

4. retention of press-fitting data: the dynamic curve of press-fitting data changing with time, press-fitting force and displacement can be displayed in real time on the touch screen of the man-machine interface. the dynamic curve can be saved, queried, printed and extracted for product analysis. through pressure fitting curve, the pressure value required by the product at different positions can be accurately determined. the system has the ability to store 200000 production reports and can directly output to the upper computer for query in EXCEL format.

5. press-fitting program storage: 100 sets of press-fitting programs can be customized, stored and called. The next operation only needs to input the press-fitting serial number, which saves time and effort. The press-fitting method can be selected to meet different process requirements.

6. control function: Due to the pressure and displacement control capability of the press itself, there is no need to add additional restrictions to the tooling. The processing of products of different specifications only needs to call different pressing procedures, and it is easy to realize the multi-purpose and flexible assembly of the line.

7. alarm system: When the actual press-fitting data is inconsistent with the set parameter range value, the system will automatically alarm and prompt the reason for the alarm, so as to find product problems in time, quickly and intuitively.

8. password protection: only authorized to change the press-fitting program, so safe.

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