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Application of servo electronic press?

The servo electronic press uses a servo motor to drive the eccentric gear to realize the movement process of the slider. Through complex electrical control, it can arbitrarily program the stroke, speed, pressure, etc. of the slider, and even when running at low speed, it can reach the nominal press tonnage. Here we will introduce in detailservo electronic pressIf you are interested in the application of, you can continue to look down and hope it will be helpful to you.

The hydraulic servo electronic press uses a servo motor to drive the main drive oil pump, reduce the control valve circuit, and control the slider of the hydraulic press. It is suitable for stamping, die forging, stamping, straightening and other processes. Compared with ordinary hydraulic presses, servo-driven hydraulic presses have the advantages of energy saving, low noise, high efficiency, good flexibility and high efficiency, and can replace many existing ordinary hydraulic presses.

Existing hydraulicservo electronic pressIn terms of products, Japan, Europe and other industrial developed countries developed earlier, and Japan gradually entered the popularization period. However, only a few domestic enterprises have carried out research on such products, and the main core technologies have not yet broken through and have not yet formed mature products. Refractory industry: refractory brick, shaped refractory brick, refractory ball molding. In the automotive industry, press-fit engine components (cylinder heads, cylinder liners, oil seals, etc.), press-fit steering gear components (gears, drive shaft pins, etc.), press-fit drive shaft components, press-fit gearbox components, brake disc components, etc. The servo electronic press is used in the motor industry to press and install micro-motor parts (main shaft, housing, etc.) and motor parts (bearings, main shaft, etc.). Electronics industry: press-fit circuit board components (plug-ins, etc.), electronic components. Home appliance industry: home appliance accessories, home appliance accessories riveting, etc. Machinery industry: mechanical parts, automatic assembly line, wearing parts life test, etc.

The structure of the servo electronic press is mainly composed of the main drive, the actuator and the auxiliary mechanism. The main function of the main transmission mechanism of the servo press is to transfer the power required for forging from the servo motor to the actuator. Common transmission methods include gear transmission, belt transmission, screw transmission and hydraulic transmission. The main function of the actuator of the servo electronic press is to drive the slider to reciprocate and complete the forging process. Common actuators include crank slider mechanism and crank wedge mechanism. The main function of the auxiliary mechanism is to improve the reliability of the AC servo electronic press and expand the process use of the servo press. Common auxiliary mechanisms include balance cylinders, brakes, ejection devices, position detection, etc.

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