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The category of servo electronic press?

  servo electronic pressIt is divided into crank servo press, connecting rod servo press, screw servo press and hydraulic servo press. How companies choose also needs to be clarified. The following is a detailed description of the classification of servo electronic press, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  servo electronic pressIn the general mechanical crank press, the eccentric tooth drives the slider crank to move up and down, and the curve is sinusoidal. Generally, the rated tonnage is reached before the slider runs to the bottom dead center. The stroke is fixed and not adjustable. Since the general hydraulic press transmits pressure through the liquid, it can realize the engineering tonnage of any position of the slider stroke. Adjustable stroke but low efficiency.servo electronic pressThe movement of the slider is controlled by the motor, and the advantages of the mechanical press and the hydraulic press are integrated through pre-programming. The stamping production can be realized in any way at any stage of the stroke, and the pressure curve can be programmed arbitrarily.

Servo screw press In the traditional double-disc friction screw press, the friction disc continues to rotate after the machine is started, which consumes a lot of energy, and the impact force is greatly affected by man-made, resulting in unstable product quality. As an upgraded version of friction press equipment, in the field of hot forging and refractory forming processing, according to the different drive motors of servo electronic presses, electric screw presses, switched reluctance screw presses and servo screw presses have appeared on the market. Two types.

After the servo screw press is turned on, as long as the control voltage is lost, the motor will stop immediately, so the power consumption during the non-hitting period of the servo electronic press is almost negligible, which is about 60% lower than that of the traditional screw press. Friction press, and because of the superior performance of the servo motor, making the servo screw press run more smoothly and accurately, can achieve ultra-short stroke of fast material.

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