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Introduction of servo electronic press?

Servo electronic press generally refers to the use of servo motor drive drive press. Including metal forging special servo press and refractory industry special servo press. Due to the numerical control characteristics of servo motors, they are sometimes widely referred to as numerical control presses. In order to make more people familiar with it, the next small series for everyone to introduce some basic information about the servo electronic press it.

The servo electronic press drives the eccentric gear through the servo motor to realize the slider movement. Through complex electrification control, the servo press can be programmed arbitrarily for stroke, speed, pressure, etc. The slider can reach the nominal tonnage of the press even when running at low speed. Our company insists on using good materials, making good products, taking responsibility for customers, taking customers as the first, and creating a win-win situation.

Servo electronic press servo motor driven press can greatly improve the flexibility and intelligence of the equipment, improve the working characteristics of the press, is the development direction of a new generation of molding equipment. With the development of domestic related technologies and the competition with imported products, the market price will drop rapidly, and the application field of servo technology in forming equipment will become more and more extensive. The advantage of the servo electronic press is mainly to increase the span. You can set the curve. Energy saving. Decrease the drawing speed. It takes up less space.

With the increasingly fierce international competition in the manufacturing industry, the demand for high-performance servo electronic presses to produce high-quality and high-precision products is becoming more and more intense. The advantages of servo press hybrid, high precision, high flexibility, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection fully reflect the development trend of forging machine tools in the future. The servo press can set different strokes and molding speeds according to different production needs, always ensuring the accuracy of the bottom dead center of the mold, and effectively preventing product problems. At the same time, the mold vibration of the servo electronic press is small, which can greatly improve the quality of the mold. The servo press breaks the design concept of the traditional mechanical press, cancels the flywheel, clutch and brake components of the traditional mechanical press, and greatly reduces the cost of the machine. Servo electronic presses will play an increasingly important role in several key manufacturing areas such as electronics, automotive and other manufacturing.

The development prospect of the servo electronic press industry is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when it is used, so it is favored by customers. The above is his small knowledge point, hoping that more people can bring help. We will have more additions in the future. Welcome to have a look.