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Introduction of servo press

Servo press is one of the common equipment in factory manufacturing. The correct use of servo press is an important measure to ensure production efficiency and safety. The following are precautions to be followed when using a servo press.

1. Safety

When operating a servo press,NeedPay attention to safety. First, wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves, goggles, earplugs, etc., to avoid damage from loose parts during operation. Second, ensure the correct power supply and grounding. OperatorNeedBe familiar with all control elements and indicators of servo press to avoid accidents caused by wrong operation.

2. Equipment cleaning and maintenance

Equipment cleaning and maintenance is the key to ensure the long-term normal operation of servo press. For each servo press,NeedClean and maintain in accordance with the requirements for equipment cleaning and maintenance. Regularly check the wear of key parts and the lubricating oil of the machine. For parts that need to be scrapped and replaced, replace them in time to avoid equipment failure or accidents.

3. Materials and tools

Using a servo pressNeedUse the right materials and tools. From the point of view of material properties,NeedWhen correctly selecting the material type, steel plate, aluminum plate, etc. for processing, it is necessary to consider the hardness of the material and select the appropriate processing tools to prevent improper operation or improper selection of materials, resulting in equipment damage or processing failure.

4. Operating parameters

The operating parameters of the servo press need to be adjusted according to the different materials and workpieces, including the adjustment of the table speed, mold temperature, mold pressure and other parameters. The performance of the material and its friction on the mold need to be considered. For strict molds, the pressure needs to be controlled to avoid mold damage. Strengthening the understanding and adjustment of processing parameters can improve production efficiency and quality, and reduce energy consumption.

5. Operation skills

When using a servo press, you need to be familiar with operating techniques, including how to correctly install the mold, assemble the material, and how to start and stop the equipment. OperatorNeedFamiliar with the basic operation of processing equipment, parameter adjustment, quality control and other operations, so as to avoid loss and accident caused by misoperation.

6. Standardized operation

For servo presses, the operating process of the equipment is required to be standardized and follow the operating procedures. For some special workpiece or processing requirements,NeedEstablish corresponding operation manuals, strengthen the training of operation procedures, ensure the quality of each production process, and prevent improper operation and unnecessary losses in the process.

In short, in modern industrial production, servo press enjoys a wide range of applications. To improve the efficiency and life of the servo press, weNeedPay attention to the above six aspects, strictly follow the operating procedures, and continue to strengthen the understanding and adjustment of processing parameters to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.