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Introduction to the use of servo press, come and collect!

Is a servo press worth the investment? What are the advantages of this equipment? If you are considering buying a servo press, here are some things you should know.

First of all, the servo press can improve production efficiency. Conventional hydraulic presses need to wait for the pressure of the pump to build up at each operation. This waiting time may accumulate to a considerable amount, and the servo press can reduce this waiting time by achieving a faster action at each pressure change.

Secondly, the servo press can save you energy. The hydraulic pump always uses the same amount of energy during continuous operation. The servo press can adjust the power usage according to different load operations, thus improving the energy efficiency.

A further advantage is the relatively low noise level. Hydraulic presses require pumps to operate and produce noise, while servo presses are usually less noisy than traditional hydraulic presses because they require relatively less pressure.

In addition, the servo press can also provide more accurate pressure control. Using the measurement technology, servo presses can adjust the pressure more finely and provide more accurate measurement results.

These devices are very easy to use and maintain. They do not require frequent replacement and repair, which makes them a lower-maintenance option.

Servo presses can help manufacturers improve production efficiency, but how to use them to achieve this goal? Here are some suggestions.

Before using a servo press, you need to understand your materials and processing techniques. According to the different requirements of the process, different servo presses are selected for processing.

In order to ensure the normal operation of your equipment, maintenance should be carried out regularly and operator training should be completed to ensure that the upcoming routine maintenance work is completed as planned.

Servo presses can provide repetitive operation, thereby reducing errors in production. These advanced technologies can be used to improve quality and production efficiency.

Make full use of automatic control: the temperature and pressure control that the servo press can achieve, therefore, the entire process can be completely controlled and fully automatic processing can be realized. This can reduce the operator's manual operation, improve production efficiency.

Reasonable use of processing speed: reasonable processing speed can improve production efficiency. But at the same time, the pressure should be carefully managed to avoid wear and tear equipment and even production accidents.

As a high-precision machine tool, servo press is widely used in various industries and has many advantages. Its main uses are as follows:

1. For injection molding

The precision and stability of the servo press are very high, and it can be widely used in the injection molding industry. It can control the temperature, pressure and speed of injection molding to ensure the quality and stability of the product.

2. For die casting

In the foundry industry, servo press is also one of the very important equipment. It can withstand high pressure and high temperature, and is able to maintain the motion trajectory to achieve high quality die casting process.

3. Used for sheet metal processing

Servo presses are also widely used in the sheet metal processing industry. It can complete bending, cutting, stamping and other processing methods to achieve rapid processing.

4. Used in the manufacture of electronic components

The manufacture of electronic products requires high-precision processes, and servo presses can meet this requirement. It can complete the pressing, packaging, condensation and other processes of electronic components to ensure the accuracy and stability of the product.

5. Used for auto parts manufacturing

Servo presses also play an important role in the automotive industry. It can complete the stamping, forming, welding and other processes of body parts to ensure the quality and accuracy of auto parts.

6. For medical equipment manufacturing

Servo presses are also widely used in the medical equipment manufacturing industry. It can complete the processing and packaging of various medical equipment to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the product.

In short, as a high-precision machine tool, servo press has been widely used in various industries and has made important contributions to industrial development.