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TY701 series integrated head quantitative vacuum filling machine is a new type of integrated head quantitative vacuum filling machine independently developed by our company in combination with the technological characteristics and pain points of product filling in the industry. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast pumping speed and no residual liquid. It is mainly used for liquid perfusion of automobile rubber bushing and rubber suspension.

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  • Product Description
  • Technical Parameter
    • Commodity name: TY801 standard reducing machine
    • Commodity ID: B001

    Widely used in automobile shock absorber bushings, trailing arm bushings, control arm bushings, suspension rubber bushings, arm bushings, and the outer diameter of rubber bushings.

    Applicable scope of reducing machine

    Widely used in automobile shock absorber bushings, trailing arm bushings, control arm bushings, suspension rubber bushings, arm bushings, and the outer diameter of rubber bushings.


    Diameter reduction machine product introduction

    The body adopts low-carbon steel and is welded into a C-shaped structure. It has good oil temperature and heat dissipation and is easy to handle. It is suitable for assembly line or unitized production. It is specially developed by Tianyu Machinery for automobile rubber shock absorber manufacturers. It has low power consumption and production. High efficiency, the product placement surface has a high-precision mechanical dead limit scale adjustment plate with 0.005MM as the unit, which makes the product diameter adjustable and does not affect the diameter of the reduced diameter product due to equipment or mold wear, and makes the mold larger The manufacturing is simple and the cost is greatly reduced. Its excellent performance has become a leader in the automotive rubber shock absorber industry at home and abroad. The equipment adopts a proportional relief valve and a pressure sensor, combined with a PLC programmable controller to form a closed-loop control system, so that the reduction force does not vary with temperature and voltage. The influence of material rigidity.


    Main technical parameters of shrinking machine

    The outer diameter of the largest reduced diameter product: 110MM;

    Maximum reduced diameter product length: 100MM;

    The repetition accuracy of the outer diameter of the product after the diameter reduction: within 0-0.05MM (1000 pieces tested);

    Outer diameter of product after diameter reduction: within 0.04MM;

    Oil temperature cooling method: automatic air cooling control;

    Lubrication method: automatic refueling;

    Reducing force control mode: system PLC closed-loop control;

    Product outer diameter fine-tuning control method: mechanical structure dead limit coordinated with scale adjustment;





    Pressure range


    Liquid pressure


    Decrease beat


    Maximum reduced diameter product outer diameter


    Maximum reduced diameter length


    Outer diameter repeatability


    Outer diameter out of roundness


    Maximum taper


    Power supply

    AC380V  50HZ

    Motor power


    Machine weight


    Tooling diagram

    Production process
    1. Rough machining with a lathe first, with a margin of 1MM.
    2. Heat treatment to HRC60-62.
    3. Finish machining on lathe, reserve 0.3MM margin.
    4. Finish machining to the required size on the internal and external cylindrical grinder.
    5. Laser print the product drawing number, and the arrangement number of 12 pieces.
    6. The thread is cut into 12 pieces, not all of which can be cut, set aside 0.5MM, and you can cut them all.
    7. Deburring.
    8. Material: CR12 CR12MOV.

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