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TY701 series integrated head quantitative vacuum filling machine is a new type of integrated head quantitative vacuum filling machine independently developed by our company in combination with the technological characteristics and pain points of product filling in the industry. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast pumping speed and no residual liquid. It is mainly used for liquid perfusion of automobile rubber bushing and rubber suspension.

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  • Product Description
  • Technical Parameter
    • Commodity name: TY-102 Electric Servo Press
    • Commodity ID: C002

    The electric servo press is abbreviated as servo press or servo press. Its working principle is that a servo motor drives a high-precision ball screw to perform precision press assembly operations, which can achieve a closed loop of the press-fitting force and press-in depth in the press-fitting operation. Control, so as to realize the precision press-fitting of online quality management.

    Application field

    ◎ Automobile industry: engine component press assembly (cylinder head, cylinder liner, oil seal, etc.), steering gear assembly press assembly (gear, pin, etc.), transmission shaft assembly press assembly, gear box assembly press assembly, brake disc assembly press assembly, etc.

    ◎ Motor industry: press-fitting of micro-motor components (spindle, housing, etc.), press-fitting of motor components (bearings, spindles, etc.);

    ◎ Electronics industry: circuit board components (plug-ins, etc.), electronic parts and components;

    ◎ Home appliance industry: press fitting of home appliance parts, riveting of home appliance parts, etc.

    ◎ Machinery industry: press-fitting of mechanical parts, automatic assembly line, life test of wearing parts, etc.

    ◎ Other industries: other industries that require precise control of press-fitting displacement and press-fitting force.


    Equipment structure

    The body of the electric servo press is a C-type single-arm structure, which is open on three sides and is easy to operate. The body is measured by vibration and tempering after submerged arc welding to ensure that the frame will never be deformed. This product of Tianyu Machinery Mainly used for other interference detection products in the auto parts and motor industries. Press fitting of precision instruments, electronics, bearings, bushings, water pumps, turbochargers, gearboxes, gears, automobile chassis parts, rear axles, subframe shock absorber bushings, etc.


    Main functions of the equipment

    ◆User Management:

    Each department can assign different accounts and passwords, and can choose to set different operating permissions. The system has 11 built-in administrator accounts, and system administrators can add or delete operating users and assign operating permissions to limit the use of operating users according to actual needs. range;

    ◆Interference detection:

    The upper and lower limits of the interference force can be set in different intervals (the interval is determined by the point setting), the actual pressure is not in the set upper and lower limit pressure range, the device alarms and prompts the reason

    ◆Location detection:

    The final press-fitting position is compared each time, and the final position is not within the set upper and lower limits, and the equipment alarms and prompts the reason for the defect.

    ◆Peak detection:

    Record the peak pressure of each press-fitting process, and give an alarm and text prompt if it exceeds the set range.

    ◆Data download:

    It can back up the historical press-fitting data of the equipment to a U disk or network server, and can generate an EXCEL form for viewing

    ◆Pressure/displacement curve:

    Up to 200 sets of force/displacement data can be sampled during the press-fitting process, drawn into a graph, and stored

    ◆Product QR code scan:

    The barcode scanner can be used to scan external information, which can help users quickly store and recall formula parameters and make product quality traceable.


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